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Shivraj Bassi

A few years ago, Shiv had a crazy idea to create and launch a wellness brand called Innermost. Like that'll ever work. When he's not bouncing around ideas or talking strategy with the team, you’ll find him listening to obscure podcasts, sweating it up in the gym, listening to 90s rap music, or pretending to be a fire engine for his beautiful little niece and nephew.

turmeric by innermost
Silhouette stretching on yellow background
Woman practicing yoga lunges in exotic scenery
How are you really poster on building for mental health
Woman laughing in the city
Woman looking in fridge
Yolks vs Whites: Who Wins This Nutrition Battle?
pomegranate seeds by innermost
Man holding water bottle
Woman holding her gut: gut health 101
Claire Fountain posing on the beach for Innermost
Caffeine bowl by Innermost
Woman doing cardio activity outdoors