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4 Ways To Get Into Shape For Summer

26th July 2022

26th July 2022

By Shivraj Bassi

Swimsuit season is fast approaching, and with it the common desire to lose a little weight. For many, the approach of summer means it’s the ideal time to start cutting down on the junk food, upping your exercise game and working out which fit you’re going to showcase on the beach first. 

There’s no quick fix for losing weight, no matter what all those fad diets might tell you. It’s not possible to lose 10kg in a week in a healthy way and keep the weight off. However, there are a number of tried and tested ways to get healthier, lean up and feel energised during the hotter months. 

If you’ve ever experienced any form of disordered eating in the past or have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before embarking on a weight loss-focused diet. Additionally, it’s well worth checking your weight and BMI before you embark on your journey, to ensure that you’re at a weight where it’s safe to think about losing a few pounds. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

When you’re trying to lose weight, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t get the baseline right. And the baseline of the human body is that we’re 70% water, so if you’re not hydrating your body properly you’re already starting out on the back foot. 

You should be aiming to drink approximately eight glasses of water a day, more if you’re in a warm or humid climate and if you’re exercising a lot, as your body will lose more fluid to sweat. As well as being an essential substance for sustaining human life, drinking plenty of water will improve your energy levels, improve your skin, aid digestion and can even help your heart and circulatory system to function better. It’s time to drink up. If you struggle to swallow enough of the clear stuff, try getting a water bottle that you love to encourage you to remember. Innermost’s bottle is perfect for this.  

Up your workout game
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

While it’s cardio that has the reputation as being the best kind of exercise to encourage weight loss, it’s the combination of both cardio and strength training that will see that waist circumference reduce the fastest. When you strengthen and work on building up the muscles in your body, your body will naturally burn far more calories consistently than it otherwise would - even when you’re on your way to the kitchen for a late night healthy snack or lying on the sofa watching Netflix

You don’t need to worry that strength training will make you bulky, either - this is a myth that simply isn’t true. If you need some inspiration before getting started, check out our guide to what we wish we had known before we started to lift weights

Consider adding a protein shake to your diet to give you some post-workout protein-fuelled energy that will keep you fuller for longer. The Lean Protein is formulated to encourage healthy fat-loss, reduce cravings and support muscle growth and repair, making it a smarter way to lean-up.

Bring out the carrots

To begin losing weight in a healthy way, diet is the most important thing to be aware of. If you’re not being considered and nutritionally optimal in the kitchen it doesn’t matter how many sit ups you do or how long you can hold a plank for, your abs won’t be able to grate cheese if you don’t eat your salad. 

Some easy initial things to try include swapping white carbs for wholegrain, reducing the amount of meat you eat and cutting down on your sugar intake. Calorie-counting can be a useful tool if you’re looking to ascertain how much energy you’re putting into your body and how much you need to cut down if there’s a certain amount of weight you want to lose, but be wary of becoming too focused or obsessed with the numbers. It’s not worth becoming overly focused on counting every single calorie you put into your mouth at the expense of your mental health. 

The Tone Capsules are also a great option here for an extra boost when it comes to shaping up. Nootropic capsules, they contain research-backed ingredients that gently raise your metabolism, reduce cravings and promote sustainable fat-loss, so they're a good addition to your diet when you're looking to lose weight. 

Back off the booze

While many people love a tipple now and then, alcohol truly is the definition of empty calories. While getting merry is fun every now and then, if you’re drinking most nights, especially if you’re drinking beverages which are high in calories and sugar such as beer and cocktails, it could be seriously holding you back from hitting your weight loss goals. 

Try swapping out higher calorie drinks for healthier alternatives such as spirits with soda, or red wine, which has health benefit of including polyphenols, which help to reduce inflammation in the body. If you really can’t bear to say goodbye to beer, a light beer such as a Corona Light for 99 calories or a Budweiser Select for 55 calories are better choices than the usual stuff you get down the pub. 

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Innermost Investigates: The Truth On Power Plates
Vibration or ‘power plates’ are commonly met with a healthy dose of scepticism. And to be fair, standing on a plate and shaking, at first, doesn’t sound like the most effective method of exercise. What most people aren’t aware of, however, is that vibration plates were developed over 50 years ago by Russian cosmonauts to prevent the loss of muscle mass in space. They continue to be used to this day in space missions, even by NASA. If vibrating plates are good enough to be used on spaceships, then perhaps they’re good enough for the gym.  Innermost is here to investigate the benefits of using vibration plates (on Earth). We’ll answer all your burning questions including: What is a power plate? What does a power plate do? Do power plates work? And how do I use a power plate?  What is a power plate? How do they work? A vibration plate (often called a ‘power plate’) is an exercise machine that sends high-speed vibrations through the entire body. This stimulates your muscles to automatically contract up to 30-50 times more per second than usual. To maximise stimulation, vibration plates move in multiple directions simultaneously – up and down, left and right, front and back. As your body naturally attempts to stabilise itself against the shaking, it engages lots of muscles (many of which aren’t engaged during conventional exercise). And since this stabilisation occurs automatically, you hardly feel it.  8 benefits of vibration plates Ok, so new muscles are engaged a lot more than usual. That sounds great. But what are the actual benefits of power plate exercise?  Saves time Your muscles are working harder, so it takes less time to reach the same goals, cutting down on your workout time. Remedial therapist and Power-Plate specialist trainer Mark Andrews call power plates “the microwave of fitness”. Low impact Power plate exercise is considered low impact, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is also low impact on joints and ligaments – making it a great form of exercise for people who want to ease into exercise – for example, if you’re a bit older or recovering from an injury. Fat-loss benefits Power plates are a fat burn booster, but at the end of the day, the most proven method for fat-loss is correct nutrition and a calorie deficit. Innermost also offers nutritional supplements for healthy and sustainable fat-loss including The Lean Protein, The Define Booster and The Tone Capsules. Muscle strength and toning benefits Since so many muscle groups are working at the same time and 30-50 times more than usual, your muscles will strengthen and tone even from just standing on a power plate. Improved circulation Vibration plates can be used as a massage tool, which increases circulation in the massaged body parts. Increase core strength, stability, and balance All exercises on a vibration plate forces your body to engage its core to balance and stabilise. Certain exercises such as press-ups or planks (see 5 power plate exercises below) amplify this benefit even more. Increase Flexibility According to the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, using a power plate when stretching (before or after a workout) is more effective than stretching alone. At-home If you’re working from home, too far from a gym, or simply enjoy the convenience of home workouts, you can purchase a power plate to use in the house. A personal power plate and power plate move are both relatively compact pieces of equipment so can fit easily into your home. You can check out more options here. How do I use a power plate? 5 power plate training exercises Plank Get onto the floor and place your forearms onto the power plate. Gently move your knees away from the power plate until your back is completely straight. When you feel confident, have only your toes touching the floor and lift your knees off the ground. Hold for 30 seconds. Press up Similar to the plank, except your hands are on the power plate, shoulder-width apart with your arms out-stretched and locked at the elbows. Again, your back is straight, and you can start with your knees on the floor. When you are confident you can lift your knees off the floor and have just your toes touching the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. If you can, gently bend your elbows to bring your body down close to the power plate and then straighten your elbows again to bring your body back up – congratulations you’ve just done a press-up on a power plate! Leg crunches Sit in the centre of the vibration plate. Place your hands behind you on the edge of the power plate and bend your elbows to help you gently lean back. As you lean back, lift your legs off the ground to counter-balance yourself. The lower half of your legs (below the knee) should be parallel to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Squat Stand on the power plate with feet shoulder-width apart and toes facing forward. Using out-stretched arms that are parallel to the floor to balance you, gently bend your knees to bring your body down. Hold for 30 seconds. Then gently straighten your knees again to go back up. Keep your back straight at all times. Lunge Stand one ‘stride’ (long-step) away from the power plate. Then, with one leg, take one long step onto the power plate, keeping your toes forward. Gently bend the leg that is on the power plate at the knee, keeping the other leg straight at all times (you should really feel a stretch in the straight leg). Hold for 30 seconds. Then step off the power plate and change legs (i.e. if you stepped with your left leg first, now step with your right leg). So there you have it, a power plate is a space-age exercise machine that boasts lots of fitness benefits. If you’re looking to level up your exercise routine then this is a great option for you. Next time you’re in a gym give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised! Sources: Is whole-body vibration a good way to lose weight and improve fitness? The 8 Best Ways to Exercise With A Vibration Plate All You Need to Know About: Power Plates The Power Plate: A Space Age Relic Inspires a New Form of Exercise - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Read more
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