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How To Run Faster

4th June 2017

4th June 2017

By Shivraj Bassi

When the zombie apocalypse hits, this is the article you'll thanks the stars that you read.

Being able to run fast is important for fitness, as it's correlated with increased strength and power. So while we wait for the dead to rise, we've collated some advice on how to run like the wind, become stronger and burn more fat during your workouts. 

Perfect your form

Working on the technical aspects of your sprinting is essential to help you run fast. When Olympic sprinters dash for the finish line, one thing they all have in common is their running technique. 

When they burst out of the blocks they lean forward, pump their arms, and keep their head down as they accelerate. As the race goes on they get taller, their contact time with the ground decreases, and their legs move exceptionally quickly. This is the kind of form you should be aiming for, even if you're running to beat your personal best rather than a gold medal.

Warm up

Dynamic drills are the way forward for sprinting. They help get your blood pumping, and temperature up.

Start with 10 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, such as a light jog. Then move into some dynamic mobility drills such as skips, high knees and arm swings to loosen up your hips, ankles and shoulders. If you take the time to prepare your body for sprinting, you'll run faster and reduce the chances of hurting yourself. The last thing you want is a sprained ankle keeping you on the sofa for a month.

Don't waste energy

It’s essential that you don’t waste energy when you run. You need to use everything you have to propel yourself forward as fast as possible.

To make your legs move faster, you should pump your arms, keep your hips steady, your chin in and your stride short. Lean forward slightly and aim to land on your mid-foot, as this will help prevent your strides from becoming too large.

Speed sessions

Try doing 10 x 50m or 10 second maximal sprints with full recovery between each one. Adding this to your workout will improve your conditioning for any sport you play, as well as your day-to-day life. As you work through your plan make, sure to keep refining your technique to make sure you keep improving.

Hills help

When you need to mix up your workouts and really test your speed, try doing some resisted sprints to get you on the road being a faster and more powerful sprinter. Hill sprints are a fun, challenging way of adding resistance to your workouts. Find a moderately sloped hill and do hill repeats as many times as you can.

Lift for speed

You need to be strong to run fast. Resistance training combined with speed workouts is a great way to improve your power. Focus on exercises such as squats, lunges and deadlifts to get your legs and core stronger.

These exercises will help you to recruit the fast twitch muscles that you need to run faster and more powerfully. Try adding strength workouts to your routine two to three times a week to see fast results.


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