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5 Healthy Habits To Build A Better You

30th August 2022

30th August 2022

By Shivraj Bassi

You know what makes a healthy habit? Consistency. Sticking with a good habit can be the difference between achieving your goals or falling short.

We've assembled a few ways to make self improvement part of your daily life. While they might only be small changes, building these healthy habits into your life should make a noticeable and positive difference.

Habit 1: Workout in the morning

Starting your day with a workout gives you a feeling of energy and accomplishment throughout our day. Once you've overcome the most difficult part - not hitting the snooze button - it only gets easier from there. While you might find this good habit hard at first, stick with it. It takes around two weeks for our bodies to adapt to getting up early.

Additionally, starting your day with a healthy habit such as a workout means you're more likely to make healthy choices through the rest of your day.

Habit 2: Good nutrition

Getting high-quality nutrition into your body is hugely important. It can help boost concentration and energy levels and ensures your body is working just the way it should be.

Innermost has a tailored range of incredible products such as proteins, boosters and capsules which are crafted with the sole purpose of helping you to achieve specific goals. They can be used as a healthy meal replacement, post-workout nutrition or as a way to get important functional nutrients into your system.

Habit 3: Regular Sleep Cycle

A consistent sleep schedule makes a big difference. Heading to bed at a similar time every evening aligns your body clock and synchronises the time with when your body is naturally inclined towards rest with the time you're climbing into bed, as opposed to the moment you press play on Netflix

Most people need six to eight hours of sleep a night. And try to spend less time swiping on your phone just before bed - the blue light doesn’t do your sleep pattern any favours.

Habit 4: Cook at home

Sometimes you can’t help but eat out. We get it - food is delicious and you want to experience as much of it as possible. But not knowing how many calories we’re consuming can be a problem in the long term. By mastering a few basic kitchen skills, not only can you learn to properly fuel your body but you'll be saving money, impressing your friends when you cook for them and probably snagging mad likes on Instagram. You can get some ideas from the Recipe section of our Insight section.

Habit 5: Sit less

Move more, sit less. Most people spend more than eight hours a day sitting, and this is far from a healthy habit. When you sit down for so long your hip flexors tighten and you start to slump forwards. Getting up and standing for a few moments every hour or two can go a long way in ensuring your body stays supple and limber.

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