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The Boxing HIIT Workout
For a complete mind and body workout, look no further. Boxing has become the new fashionable workout, with people swearing by their fat-burning sessions. Not only is it a streng... Read more
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5 Steps to Boost Your Immune System
So, you’ve been told to wash your hands more frequently and avoid public spaces. What now, except the need for a good moisturiser? We’ve got 5 tips to make a strong immune syste... Read more
  • Body
Metabolism: The Low-down
Let’s talk about energy. Doing things uses up energy. Going for a run uses energy, binge watching a Netflix series uses energy (let’s call it a workout?) – even sleeping uses en... Read more
  • Body
5 Common Mistakes That Lead to Injury
Although it can seem like injuries are a part and parcel of working out regularly, most are preventable. If you’re keen to train, but don’t want to have to worry about injury se... Read more
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Train Like An Athlete
Whether you're going for gold or not, having a good routine in place to keep your fitness in check is vital. We've gathered this handful of tips that no pro could live with out... Read more
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Reset Your Posture In 14 Days
Bad posture leads to unwanted tension in your muscles and can lead to injury during exercise. Stand taller and feel looser with these posture reviving tips. Read more
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Strength Tips for Beginners
Whether you're looking to build muscle or not, strength training should feature in your exercise regime. Muscle keeps your body burning calories faster than fat and will make y... Read more
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Get Sweaty With Your Other Half
Couples that train together... You know the rest. If you’re feeling loved up this Val day, or fancy the most intimate, bare-all first date ever, why not try out one of these wo... Read more
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5 Tips To Improve Your Run With Lorna Jane
If you’re looking to start or continue with running as a form of exercise, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the edge of death, you should check out the 5 t... Read more
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