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Top Fitness Hacks To Keep You Going

15th November 2017

15th November 2017

By Shivraj Bassi

If your fitness game consists of 'I'll get back to it tomorrow...or the day after that' then your need our help. 

We've assembled these fitness hacks to get you back on your best game and to enable you to keep on keeping on. Working out can be lonely, you're tired and busy - the excuses are endless. Luckily for you, we've got a few hacks to make stay in shape less hard work.

Find your squad

It makes sense that if fitness becomes your social time, you'll be far more likely to actually do it. Squats don't seem so bad when you can catch up with your besties at the same time.

Make it not fitness

We admit it, you you can't escape the need to break a sweat. However, you can combine fitness with something slightly more enjoyable so you've got something to look forward to. How about a Saturday morning gym session followed by brunch, or a weekday exercise class made sweeter by the promise of happy hour drinks afterwards?

Have someone tell you what to do

That horrible feeling when you walk into the gym with no idea what you're supposed to do and feel like everyone is watching? You don't have to experience that if you don't want to. Get rid of your worries by having a personal trainer tell you what to do, so you never have to feel like the new kid at school ever again. This also means that you're held accountable for turning up and that you'll get tailored advice specific to whatever you want to achieve, making sure you don't injure yourself by using the incorrect form. 

Find your motivation

We don't mean to get photo-ready here - it needs to get a bit deeper than that if you're going to find your real motivation. The key is to ask yourself what your motivation is. So you want to lose weight? Is it so you can get up the stairs without getting out of breath? Is it to feel more confident in those jeans? Find your reason why and put a reminder of it somewhere you'll see every day. Try a sticky note on the mirror or a notification on your phone.

Get inspired

Use FOMO to your advantage by following your favourite fitness bloggers on social media. It's practically guaranteed that if your newsfeed is full of sweaty selfies you'll be feeling like you've got to get down to the gym asap.

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