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  • Your Pathway To Glowing Skin

    13th July 2018

    Your Pathway To Glowing Skin

    13th July 2018

    Why It Matters

    You don't have to spend a fortune to get that glow-up.

    Taking care of your skin is about balancing a variety of habits from sleeping patterns, gym routines, make-up and skin care treatments. Here are 7 tried and tested ways to achieve dewy, supermodel skin.

    1. Stay hydrated 

    Skin cells are made up of water and need to be replenished in order to stay hydrated. Experts recommend drinking at least 10 glasses of water every day is the best way to keep your skin feeling hydrated and clear.

    2. Antioxidants

    Eating foods full of antioxidants can help protect your skin from sun damage and ease the pain and severity of breakouts. The Detox Booster is our vegan supergreen powder/tea packed with 10 of nature’s most powerful cleansing superfoods and antioxidants. Add one teaspoon to hot water or almond milk daily and see how you get on.

    3. Exfoliate

    Exfoliation is one of the best ways to clear your skin quickly. Scrubbing your face weekly will rid your skin of any dead cells, dirt or sweat that might have clogged your pores and led to breakouts. It also improves your complexion, adds a glow and can even reduce the appearance of pores over time, thus reducing your chances of breakouts.

    4. Wash 

    One way to clear up your skin is to ensure that you never go to sleep without removing all makeup, dirt and sweat from the day off your face. Cleansing your skin thoroughly with a cleanser, and following up with a toner (and then moisturiser!) can ensure your skin is properly cleansed before bed, and help reduce acne and skin blotches.

    5. Sleep

    There has been shown to be a connection between the quality of your sleep and your skin. Getting the right amount of rest can greatly impact the appearance of your skin as it needs to rest in order to repair and regenerate.

    6. Chill

    High levels of stress can compromise your skin. Engaging in a calming activity like yoga, meditation or working out can help to relieve stress levels and prevent unnecessary stress breakouts.

    7. Get some sun 

    One of the best things you can do for blemish control is to get about 10-15 minutes of direct sun on your face three times a week. Natural sunlight can help kill bacteria and promote natural oil production. Just be sure not to overdo it as excessive sun exposure without protection can result in sun damage or dry/cracked skin and ain’t nobody got time for that. Buy a moisturiser with a decent SPF to make sure you're properly protected.