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Nootropics and Adaptogens

Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function, in particular relating to focus, creativity, memory and information recall. Some nootropics will already feature regularly in your diet (for example L-theanine, the stress reducing amino acid found in tea), whilst others you'll probably need to search a little further afield to get hold of.

Nootropics exist in both synthetic (manmade, e.g. adderall) and natural (i.e. found in nature) forms, and both can have positive effect on your mental functioning. However, natural nootropics are more widely researched in terms of long-term effects and safety.

Adaptogens are herbs and roots that support your body in handling mental and physical stress. Many substances, such as Siberian ginseng, can be considered nootropic as well as adaptogenic, and the terms are often used interchangeably.

Discover The Power of Nootropics

Customer Reviews


Husband loves this, really tasty too

The Health Protein
Richard Boston
Very tasty, very convenient (vanilla version)

Bought this as I can't eat dairy products so a lot of protein products aren't viable. It's easy, very tasty, has consistency and is a great thing to drink after a gym session or a long cycle ride. I didn't get the chocolate one as I have a sweet tooth and it would just perpetuate my cravings.

Personally, I'd rather they didn't include the plastic scoop as it's bad for the environment. Who doesn't have a metal spoon of their own they can use?

Great product, great taste

I love this protein power, it has a great taste and blends well. I tend to through in a bit of banana or some berries to mix it up a bit or a teaspoon of peanut butter. Its ideal post workout and works well for me. I would recommend to others looking for a weight friendly protein power, with a great taste from a great company,

Love it

Best tasting vanilla protein I've had. I mix it with oat milk, frozen blueberries and some peanut butter - it's incredible.

Thumbs up

Been taking these for a couple of weeks and already feeling great

Best Ive ever had

Best pre workout ive ever tried. Effect wise and taste wise.
Has a very natural taste , which I loved , not like other brands with chemical, sickening taste. Very natural ingredients as well.
Also noticed that there is no huge crash like from other preworkouts, which is also a big plus.
Didnt experience any tingling.

I now take it everyday before my morning workouts.

Will buy again and try new flavours.

The Lean Protein
Neave Andrews Fryer
A bit watery

Purchased vanilla lean protein. Quite sweet but pleasant tasting. Also more watery than any Protein shake I’ve previous had, even with the least amount of recommended water.


Tasty, easy to incorporate and effective.
Makes especially good chocolate pancakes!
Definitely a sound purchase

Best Vegan Protein on the market

I have tried many in the past and for the past 4 years innermost has not let me down for sure! (Just my bad diet!)

Fantastic product

My favourite product. Tastes delicious. I add to porridge in the morning and to smoothies after a workout. Highly recommended this product.

Good in a smoothie

Found the taste bitter or its own with hot water & honey but tastes much better in a smoothie.

Help me to stay asleep

I don’t have a problem going to sleep but find it hard to switch of enough to stay asleep but these seem to help

The Energy Booster
Louella Murray
Best pre workout!!

With only 71mg of caffeine in this pre workout I was a bit skeptical about this one.



Amazing taste! No sugar! Brilliant value for money! I had it for 1 month and now I have a subscription. It’s so good.
Give it a try!!

The best tasting protein...

I can honestly say that this is the nicest tasting protein that I have EVER tried + it is very affordable for what you get. I first purchased this when I was a member at F45 and have never looked back since - best protein, best ingredients and the best brand! Whey protein usually makes me feel bloated, but Innermosts lean-protein powder is great... no bloat and protein that tastes like a vanilla milkshake. P.S. its great for making 'proats' in the morning (protein oats). Give it a try!

Delicious, easy, perfection!

Absolute no-brainer, it makes having a light post-workout meal an absolute doddle. I mix mine with almond milk, a frozen banana, a handful of spinach, and a teaspoon of maca powder for a perfect shake that effectively curbs any hunger

The Strong Protein
Mark David Martin
The real deal

It tastes great and helps my body to build muscle whilst keeping it strong and healthy.

Love this stuff!

I've tried many, many protein powders on the market, and there's nothing like Innermost. First of all, it tastes great. Second, it's totally gluten free, Thirdly, it actually does what it says it'll do. Highly recommend - on its own with water, in smoothies, sprinkled on yogurt, to make pancakes, in bliss balls... the list goes on. I won't buy anything else!

Pretty good

Would recommend, the annoying thing is that you need to take 2 to properly knock out and shipping is separate. But they came quickly and work well.

Great flavour

I bought this to up my protein intake as I always struggle to consume enough. I use the vanilla flavour in my porridge in the morning and it makes it super tasty and creamy. It adds a vanilla flavour without it tasty like a synthetic afterthought.

OK but not seeing a change

They give me more energy but don't take them before a run or you get horrible heart burn! No change in fat % but more energy

I've got my focus back!

I've been using the Focus capsules for a couple of weeks now and I feel more productive and focused than I have been in a very long time. I am more efficient and can concentrate on some of the most difficult tasks at work. Definitely feel the difference!

The Lean Protein

I have been using the Lean Protein supplement for just over a year now and it really does help to provide that daily extra protein requirement I need whilst I'm training and exercising. Its helped me put on muscle however I have lost weight whilst using it when eating the right foods. Would recommend it, especially the chocolate flavor. I really like it in porridge in the morning!

Amazing set, love the taste

Best tasting protein shake I’ve tried! Milk makes it taste even better. Will be restocking soon.

The Fit Protein
Livvy Hop

The vanilla is so lovely.. genuinely the nicest protein I have ever had! Also feel great after taking it..

The Health Protein
Daisy Hughes
Too good!

Delicious taste and texture - best vegan protein i have tried.