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Predictions For 2022 Wellness Trends With Innermost Founder Shivraj Bassi

5th January 2022

5th January 2022

By Shivraj Bassi

Here at Innermost HQ, our founder, Shivraj Bassi, has been taking long, hard think about the future of the wellness space and fitness community. With that, comes the curiosity around next years' 'next big thing'. Cue the question: what are the biggest 2022 wellness trends

As a brand based on research-backed goodness, quality products and only the best ingredients, we take great pride in remaining innovative, staying in-the-know and offering our views when it comes to the latest trends in and around the fitness community. Really, we are always on the look out for the next best thing, or on the other hand, on the look out for the next harmful fitness fad that we need to stamp out ASAP (remember that awful jaw clamp from 2021?). Shudder.

So, without further ado... take it away, Shiv. 

Shiv's predictions for 2022 wellness trends

Next year will be about regaining what we lost this year and for many, 2022 will change the way we approach our physical and mental wellbeing. Here at Innermost we have asked the experts, dug into our consumer data and well, here goes: these are the biggest trends, conversations and innovations that will dominate the wellness conversation in 2022. 

  1.     Increased desire for immunity-boosting ingredients 

Unsurprisingly, immune health has seen huge interest of late and will continue to do so going forward. That means a focus on consuming foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein, probiotics and nutritional supplements such as The Detox Booster, The Digest Capsules and The Recover Capsules that contain research-backed vitamins, minerals and functional ingredients that support our health and strengthen our immune system.  

According to our data, 8% of respondents rated their immunity as ‘weak’ and almost two-thirds (61%) rated their immunity as just ‘OK’. Despite this, over half (56%), rarely or never take supplements yet 47% are curious to learn more about how supplements can support health and wellbeing.

  1.     Nootropics or ‘Smart Drugs’ for cognitive performance 

There will be an increased focus on brain health, relaxation and cognitive performance going forward with consumers turning to nutrition and brain-training as a way to maintain and improve cognitive health. Of course, the brain is complex and as a result, it uses up a lot of energy - so much energy, in fact, that the brain can use up to 40% of our daily calories! 

As we become more educated in this area, there is a generation more determined than ever to correctly fuel our body to provide the brain with a constant supply of good nutrients.

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