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Found in The Detox Booster, spirulina has been around since before dinosaurs walked the earth and is regarded as one of the earliest life-forms on Earth. More recently, it's bee... Read more
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capsicum by innermost
Found in The Lean Protein (as well as red chillies), incorporating some capsicum into your diet can help boost your metabolism and have your body burn fat naturally to give your... Read more
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Vitamin C
Found in The Tone Capsules (as well as kiwi fruit), Vitamin C boosts the fat-loss benefits of green tea compounds and makes an excellent addition to products, such as The Tone C... Read more
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Bilberries Health
Found in The Health Protein, The Strong Protein and The Lean Protein, bilberries are packed with antioxidants and powerful compounds called anthocyanins that may help prevent di... Read more
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Found in The Strong Protein and The Power Booster (as well as red meat), creatine is one of the most popular and widely researched dietary supplements around with lots of eviden... Read more
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Magnesium Spin
Found in The Fit Protein, The Strong Protein and The Recover Capsules (as well as spinach), magnesium is important for energy balance, muscle contraction, nerve transmission and... Read more
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Selenium for Innermost
Found in The Recover Capsules (as well as Brazil nuts), selenium can hold the key to testosterone production, encouraging the development of lean muscle while also helping your ... Read more
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Alpha lipoic acid|The Lean Plus
Found in The Tone Capsules (as well as broccoli), alpha lipoic acid can give you more energy for your workouts, encourage your body to burn fat, fight disease and could even hav... Read more
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Whey protein for Innermost
Found in The Fit Protein, The Strong Protein and The Lean Protein, whey protein is an efficient way to get protein into your body, which is the building block of muscle, skin, h... Read more
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