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Pea Protein

14th September 2016

pea protein by innermost

14th September 2016

Found in...

The Health Protein

Whey is not the only way to go. Pea protein is an ideal vegan alternative to milk-based whey for anyone who wants more protein in their diets. Because it's hypoallergenic, it's great for anyone who suffers from food allergies or is sensitive to dairy products.


Despite their humble background, peas are a powerful vegetable that is packed full of plant protein. It has an amino acid profile similar to that of whey and high levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are key building blocks for muscle, hair, skin and nails.


Pea protein has loads of benefits including post-workout muscle recovery, assisting with weight-loss by keeping you feeling fuller for longer, and keeps you feeling and looking healthy. With all the perks and benefits there really is no better time to give pea’s a chance. Yep, couldn't help it.

Innermost Thoughts

Pea protein is just one of the ingredients in The Health Protein. This blend also contains brown rice protein. Why we hear you ask? Because pea protein does miss a couple of nonessential (amino acids your body already produces) and essential amino acids (amino acids your body doesn't produce). Combining it with brown rice protein gives a complete amino acid profile. Along with the other ingredients found in The Health Protein, this blend serves to nourish and defend your body.


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