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6th January 2017

Glutamin by Innermost

6th January 2017

Found in...

The Health Protein

Having a strong immune system is important to ensuring you stay healthy and on track to achieve your fitness goals. Found in The Health Protein (as well as eggs), glutamine can help by supporting your body's immunity, and aiding recovery.


Glutamine is essential in the body and makes up over 60% of muscle tissue. It was first used clinically with intensive care patients to improve recovery. Today its use has been extended, and many swear by its ability to improve recovery and reduce injury risk.

What is it?

Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids found in protein sources like eggs and meat. It's the most abundant amino acid in human tissue, and supplementation can help to support overall health and fitness. Glutamine is especially important for those doing intense training because levels of the amino acid are depleted as you workout, which affects stamina, strength and recovery. Supplementation with glutamine can improve protein metabolism and reduce muscle breakdown.


Glutamine is the fuel of the immune system, but levels can be depleted in our day to day lives, and even more so following exercise, which suppresses the immune system and affects recovery. The 5 key reasons people would supplement with glutamine are:

> Reduce risk of illness.
> Ensure healthy muscle development and protein synthesis.
> Maintain cell hydration to speed up the healing process.
> Increase growth hormone production for improved tone.
> Maintain bowl health for healthy digestion.

Innermost Thoughts

Whatever your training goals are, recovery is essential. Glutamine can support your hard work by aiding recovery, and boosting muscle growth through reducing muscle breakdown, supporting your immune system, and maintaining proper growth hormone levels. Glutamine can be found in The Health Protein, our vegan superfood protein blend. 


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