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  • Sweet Chilli Chicken + Rice

    1st October 2016

    Sweet Chilli Chicken + Rice

    1st October 2016

    By Shivraj Bassi

    Chicken, baby corn and tenderstem broccoli capped with a sweet chilli sauce. Apply to face and enjoy. Chicken is a great source of lean, low-fat protein. Brown rice is low-GI and a great source of energy that's released gradually through your day. Tenderstem broccoli contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, soluble and insoluble fibre, vitamins C and A, and calcium, which are needed for numerous functions in the body.


    Preparation: 5 minutes
    15 minutes

    Ingredients / Serves 2:

    > 250g chicken breast
    > 100g tenderstem broccoli
    > 100g baby corn
    > 350g (brown) rice
    > 3 spring onions
    > 150g sweet chilli stir fry sauce

    Step 1 Slice chicken into strips.

    Step 2 Throw into a hot wok and stir fry.

    Step 3 Add all the vegetables once chicken has cooked.

    Step 4 Add rice and sweet chilli stir fry sauce and continue to stir.

    Step 5 Plate up once the vegetables and chicken are cooked to your liking.