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Give These Alternative New Year's Resolutions A Go In 2023

30th December 2022

30th December 2022

By Beth Shelper

Without sounding too cliché, a new year provides a great opportunity to make a positive change, cut out any bad habits, and try something new. New year, new - don’t worry, we won’t say it.

Without cluttering up the internet with another new years’ resolution guide that lists the same old resolutions that we always try and fail (we’re looking at you, Dry January), here at Innermost HQ, we wanted to bring some fresh, new ideas to the table. Gotta keep things exciting, after all.

So, whether you want to start a new (unusual) venture, plant more trees, take life drawing classes or dye your hair all of the colours of the rainbow, we’re here to be the sign that tells you to do it. Do it, and don’t look back.

Why are new year’s resolutions so controversial?

As with everything, you’re always going to get people that complain. Talk of new years’ resolutions brings out those people more than nearly any other topic on Earth – well, apart from those that don’t walk on the left in the London underground.

But why is talk around new years’ resolutions so controversial? Are they a good thing?

The stats: new years’ resolutions

In 2021, one study that investigated the overall process of a new years’ resolution: that is, the process, the execution and the result, found some pretty interesting results. It was found that 31% of people surveyed planned to make resolutions for the year of 2021, with over 50% of those answers citing that their resolution was something to do with fitness.

Our favourite alternative new years’ resolutions for 2023

As a brand that eats sleeps and breathes health, wellness and fitness – we had to get a few exercise-themed and nutrition-based resolutions in there. But there are some pretty fun ones, too…

  1. Stop drinking your sugar

Cutting out sugar completely is a big ask, so we’re here to make things a little bit easier for you. Cut out the sugary drinks.

This doesn’t just mean your classic fizzy drinks – although those are the obvious culprits. We’re also talking tea, coffee, packaged smoothies and isotonic energy drinks too.

  1. Cut down on single use plastics

If there was ever a better time for you to snap up a snazzy reusable water bottle, switch to a shampoo bar or invest in any single-use plastic of your choice, make it now.

Here are some of your favourite ways that you can cut down on your usage:

  • Cut down on excess food packaging
  • Carry a snazzy reusable bottle (or protein shaker)
  • Stop using disposable straws
  • Take advantage of refill stations
  • Get your milk delivered to your door, old school style
  1. Tick three things off of your bucket list

If you haven’t made a good start on your bucket list yet, let’s make 2023 the year to do it. Whether you just aim to tick off 5, 3 or one of the ground-breaking activities on your list, make a start.

Here are some of our favourite bucket list ideas:

 4. Travel to a new continent

With travel opening up (albeit, gradually), its time to book that once-in-a-lifetime trip you’ve been lusting over for your lifetime (or through lockdown). Life is all about trying new experiences, and travelling somewhere that you’ve never been is literally the epitome of that.

Why not go and explore the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or maybe go island-hopping in Asia? The choice is yours. Time to make it!

5. Try a new skill

This one, granted, is a bit vague. But the beauty of that is that you can interpret this one however you like.

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how to juggle, or you need to learn a life skill like sewing or driving… make 2023 the time, baby!

6. Cook a new cuisine

If you’re a fussy eater, why not conquer your fear of foods and branch out. Variety is the spice of life, and there’s nothing better than experimenting in the kitchen with a new recipe book and a fresh fridge full of a glorious food shop.

We just hope for your sake that you have a dishwasher… because the clean up after that doesn’t sound too fun.

From Mexican to Moldavian food, Valencian cuisine to Asian fusion – there is a world of possibility… quite literally, for you to try.

7. Learn another language

Hola! Yo aprendo español!

Whether your language of choice is Spanish, French, Italian or even Latin… give it a go. There are plenty of language apps on the market these days that allow you to build up your knowledge day-by-day, and if you think about it… think what you could have achieved by the end of the year?

8. Read one book a month

If you’re looking to reduce your screen time, widen your literary understanding or even just fancy re-reading all of the Harry Potter’s, you guessed it – now is a great time to start!

One book a month is a pretty manageable target, and will have a great impact in reducing your screen time, if that's something that you suffer with.

9. Start saying “no” more often

We’re calling it. 2023 is the year of self-care, putting in boundaries and looking after yourself. Someone asks for something last minute? No. If they needed it urgently, they should have been more organised.

Someone wants you to give up your one day off this week to run their errands? No way, sorry. It’s time for some me-time. You get what we’re going for.

10. Practice a new, unusual skill

If anyone can ride a unicycle whilst juggling for at least 3k by the end of the year… we want to hear from you. Enough said.

11. Try out a new sport

If you’re already a lover of sport, this one will definitely appeal to you. If not, this alternative new year's resolution might just be the golden ticket to inspire you to get out and about, stay active… and who knows, you may just meet some new friends along the way!

Here are some of our favourite new sports to try:

  • Disc golf
  • Underwater rugby
  • Pickleball
  • Muay Thai
  • Guard
  • Softball
  • Spin
  • Baseball
  • Thai chi


As cliché as it sounds, every new year (or, every new morning) is the opportunity to get up and start something new. Whilst we believe that every day is a good excuse to make a change, we can’t argue with the fact that a new years’ resolution isn’t a bad idea. Just think about all the good that can come from it…

So come on, give it a go. We dare you.


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