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Managing Your Innermost Subscription

17th October 2023

17th October 2023

By Innermost

So you've recently taken the leap and signed up to an Innermost subscription. You're saving 20% on each delivery, without having to lift a finger. Feels good, doesn't it?

But sometimes, life might not run as smoothly as our delivery schedules, meaning there might be times when you want to skip, swap, or pause your subscription. We totally get it. Here's a quick guide on how to do so with ease.

Moving or Skipping A Delivery

Got a holiday coming up? Taking a few weeks off your regular exercise schedule? Just got a bit of a product build up going on? Move or Skip your upcoming delivery by logging into your Innermost account here, and clicking Manage Subscriptions.

Here you will see your subscription dashboard. 

You will be shown the details of your upcoming subscription delivery. To move your upcoming order forwards, or push it back, select Next Order Date and choose your new date. Note that your subsequent subscription delivery will then be your regular chosen weeks after your new date.

If you can't wait any longer for your next batch, and want it ASAP (did someone say next day delivery?), just hit get now and we'll get right on it.

To skip your order completely, just select Skip this order at the bottom of the page. You can skip orders up to 24 hours before your next charge.


Swapping A Product

If you want to swap a product in your subscription, go to your subscription dashboard and click on Edit Products.

After this, click on Add product(s) to subscription and then add the product you would like to replace your current product with. You can then search for a product to swap to, or scroll through all products. Your total payment amount will be updated when you're next charged.

After this, go back to the subscription dashboard and delete the product you no longer want.

Adding Additional Products

You can't get enough, can you? If you want to try out something new, but not commit to a subscription just yet, you can add a one-time product on to your regular subscription delivery. Alternatively you can add more repeat products as subscriptions. 


To add a new product, repeat the same process as above by going to Edit products and then Add product(s) to subscription.


Cancelling Your Subscription


If you really want to stop your deliveries for good, log into your Innermost account here, and click Manage Subscriptions.

Here you will see your subscription dashboard. From there, click on More to see the option to cancel your subscription.


In the meantime, we'll be waiting patiently for you to come back to us as soon as you can.  We always love to hear feedback on why subscriptions get cancelled, so please do share with us!

Updating A Shipping Address or Payment Details

Moved house? Going to be somewhere else? Got a new card? No problem. 

Log into your Innermost account here, and click Manage Subscriptions.


 So there's the full rundown of how to manage your Innermost subscription. We hope you find this useful, but if there's anything you're still not sure on, just reach out to us via our online chat feature (bottom right) or email us at support@liveinnermost.com. Happy subscribing!

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