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The 5 Best And Most Stylish Women’s Bike Helmets

18th December 2020

18th December 2020

By Shivraj Bassi

Cycling is amazing. You can revel in the independence that comes with propelling yourself along, the sun on your face and the wind rushing past you. You know what’s also amazing? Wearing a bike helmet. 

We know that helmets can sometimes be annoying to wear, not to mention that they make your head hot and they’re a pain to carry around. But as far as we’re concerned, if you’re cycling, you’re wearing a helmet. 

The International Journal of Epidemiology states that wearing a bike helmet can reduce the risk of you suffering a serious head injury while cycling by up to 70%. If you’re cycling along happily at 20 miles per hour, you’re moving as far as you would be if you fell out of a second story window. Would you want to try that jump with your head unprotected? Thought not. 

When choosing a helmet, it’s essential to ensure that it fits well and is round in shape - the rounder the helmet, the better it’s able to roll rather than stick. It’s also helpful if it makes you more visible while you’re cycling. 

However, none of this means that you need to sacrifice style over function. You can still look fabulous while you’re biking, and here are some helmets which tick every box. 

Dashel Re-Cycle Helmet, £79

Not only are Dashel’s helmets minimalist and chic, they’re also made from recycled, sustainable materials. Once your helmet has reached its lifespan (which can be up to 10 years), Dashel will part-exchange it for a new one, and re-use materials from the old helmet to manufacture more. You don’t get a more stylish bike helmet philosophy than that. 

Liv Rev Women Road Helmet, £119.99

While the entire Liv Rev line of helmets are great, it’s this one which stands out as a winner. It’s among the official helmets worn by the women of the CCC-Live Team, a well-known road cycling team. If you suffer from a hot and sweaty head while riding, you’ll love the ventilation on this. 

Giro Quarter Helmet, £44.99

This stylish women’s bike helmet is a great budget option. Very light, it’s made of ABS plastic, which is extra-resistant to physical impacts. Good for the safety of your skull and for your wallet. It features sweat-absorbent pads inside, as well as an expanded polystyrene liner.

Sawako Crocodile Black, £106, Sawako

This helmet is what Anna Wintour would wear on her morning commute. You don’t get a more stylish women’s bike helmet than this. All of the Sawako’s helmets turn heads, but this black faux crocodile leather one takes the grand prize. As well as looking good, it complies with international safety standard the European CE EN1087 and has 11 air vents to let your head breathe. 

Hedon Cortex Creme, £199

This helmet for women is one to put on your Christmas list. Admittedly it’s on the pricier end, but the luxurious cream colour, brown calf leather trim and strap and classically retro style means you’ll be set apart from other cyclists on the road. 

Once you've hopped off your bike and safely stowed your helmet, our The Recover Capsules will keep you in tip-top shape for your next ride. 

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