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How To Start And Stick With Exercising

28th December 2016

How To Start And Stick With Exercising

28th December 2016

By Shivraj Bassi

You tell yourself you're going to start working out regularly. You hire a personal trainer. You buy the best running shoes money can buy. But no matter how much you spend, or how much you really want to fit into that outfit come summer, you just can't seem to keep your motivation for exercise up. 

Does this sound familiar? If it does, don’t worry, because we have a cure.

What sets apart those who live to work out and those who have to force themselves off the sofa is fitness level. Going to the gym feels rubbish when you're out of shape. But fear not, because it doesn’t take long to get to a point where exercise is no longer all pain and no gain.

Consistency is key

When you first start a fitness program, aim to get to a fitness level where you no longer hate exercise. As a rule of thumb, getting to a place where you can exercise comfortably takes around three weeks.

During this period your only goal is to keep going, meaning that you shouldn’t be doing anything too hard or too horrible. You should aim to coax yourselves into doing exercise that you can stick with. Just take baby steps and then build on them.

Not all exercise happens in the gym

Working out should be fun. For those who enjoy hip hop, go to a dance class. For those who find their meaning clinging onto a sheer rock face staring death in the face, find your local rock climbing centre. There's no reason to torture yourselves in the gym if it doesn't feel like a natural fit. Instead, do something active that you enjoy and you won’t want to stop.

Exercise with a friend

Working out with a friend not only makes exercise much more fun but it's also an effective way to be accountable. There's no harm in a little friendly competition - especially when that competition can really help to keep you motivated!

Music helps

Sometimes working out with friends or in a group just isn’t possible. That's when music can really help. Why not check out the workout playlists in the Listen section of our blog. They'll help make your workout go by much more quickly and will help you to push yourself harder.

Reward yourself

As long as you keep exercising consistently and get into a routine, you'll be improving. You should ensure you reward yourself for all of your hard work. Whether your reward is treating yourself to one of those pricey but delicious açai bowls from your local juice bar or kitting yourself out in some fancy new workout clothes, rewarding yourself with something aligned with your new routine can help keep you on track and keep you motivated.

Of course, we would recommend treating yourself to some of Innermost's products, which as well as feeling luxurious and tasting delicious will help to make your workouts even better. Our The Energy Booster is a great choice for when you want a helping hand to raise your energy levels, improve stamina and push yourself harder. Or try The Fit Protein, designed to rehydrate and restore energy, and support muscle growth and repair.