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Here’s How To Create 5 Easy And Healthy Snacks For Work

25th June 2021

25th June 2021

By Beth Shelper

Heading back into the office? Struggling for healthy snack ideas? You’re not alone.

Whilst getting into the office is in many ways a great step (one step closer to normality, increased socialisation, better working relationships and a good routine), one aspect of office working is the snack situation.

When working from home, you’re probably no more than ten steps away from your kitchen at any one time, which means constant access to all the snacks. Being back at the office means that we need to be a little bit more prepared when it comes to snack and meal prep, to ensure we don’t slip into the habit of a daily trip to the corner shop or canteen. This is risky business.

Here at Innermost, you know we’re big believers in treating yourself. But we’re also big believers of moderation, so ensuring that you aren’t reaching for a chocolate bar every time that 3pm slump hits is a big concern of ours. Yes, really. Healthy on the go, low calorie snacks are our jam.

The problem is that unhealthy snacks are convenient. They come in multipacks, they’re easy to chuck in your bag, and unfortunately – they’re cheap. But that doesn’t mean that healthy snacks aren’t easily made, affordable and delicious too!

Here’s five of our favourite healthy snack ideas that keep us fuelled throughout our day…

1. Mixed Nuts

Nuts are a huge source of fibre, nutrients and energy. The best part? There are so many varieties. Whether you’re a fan of a walnut, pistachio, peanut, brazil nut, pecan, almond or cashew, a good mixed nuts selection will ensure you are properly fuelled for whatever the day throws at you.

Loaded with antioxidants and a heap of nutrients such as selenium, protein, fibre, magnesium and Vitamin E, a blend of mixed nuts can be a great way to up the levels of vitamins and minerals in your diet. You can even add dried fruits such as apricots, cranberries and sultanas for some extra sweetness (and some of your five a day, too).

Mixed nuts can also be added to salads and pastas for an extra crunch, so it’s always a good idea to keep a stash in your work bag. It’s one of our go-to's.

2. Crispy Corn

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. Crispy corn recipes have been popping up here, there, and everywhere, as the snack is quickly becoming a staple. Crunchy corn kernels are made by frying corn kernels in added flavours such as sea salt or paprika.

Never heard of it? No worries, check out brands such as Love Corn. They’re plant based and gluten free, too! So they’re a great alternative if you suffer from any food allergies.

 3. Muesli or Granola

We love a muesli. If you didn’t know, it’s a yummy mix of oats, nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruits that can be spiced up in so many ways.

Pack some dried muesli into a Tupperware for easy transportation and add toppings of your choice – Greek yoghurt, honey, fresh fruit, jam, peanut butter – the choice is yours. Great for breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch or dinner, this snack is hugely versatile and can be bulked out depending on just how hungry you are.

4. Chopped Vegetables and Hummus

If you’re on the hunt for delicious low sugar snacks, this option is a real classic and another hugely versatile option. From bell peppers to carrot sticks and cucumber to celery, you can integrate your favourite vegetables to tailor this snack to you. Chop up your chosen veg and chuck in a pot of hummus and you’re onto a winner. You could even swap out the vegetable sticks for some vegetable crisps if you fancy mixing it up a bit (we love a beetroot crisp ourselves).

If you’re not a fan of hummus, you can swap this out for pretty much any dip, just be careful of the fat content. We recommend options such as guacamole and salsa over creamy, cheesy options to ensure that the snack remains as healthy as can be. But like we always say, just enjoy things in moderation. It’s all about balance.

5. Protein Shakes

It wouldn’t be very Innermost of us to not recommend a delicious and nutritious protein shake as a healthy snack for your day. Protein shakes are extremely filling, easy to prepare and a great way to integrate nutrients into your diet throughout your day.

We recommend integrating The Lean Protein into your diet to compliment your day. We’ve packed The Lean Protein with a bunch of healthy nutrients to ensure that you’re staying on your A-game and reaching your fitness goals with ease.


Creating healthy snacks really isn’t as daunting (or expensive) as you’d originally think. Many of these healthy snack ideas take no prep at all, and the ones that do don’t require any more than five minutes of your time.

So, next time you reach for that pre-packed chocolate bar multipack on your weekly shop, why not head to the dried fruits section instead? Think healthy swaps. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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