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  • 5 Tips To Get Back On Track Post-Holiday

    8th August 2017

    5 Tips To Get Back On Track Post-Holiday

    8th August 2017

    By Shivraj Bassi


    Because the next holiday might be just around the corner

    It’s easy to let healthy eating and workouts slip during a holiday. Aside from the obvious benefits of choosing time-out, this tends to happen because the triggers for healthy habits (like the 6am gym alarm!) can go missing from your routine. Getting back to a healthy routine post-holiday can be tough - but the sooner you do it, the easier it will be! These five simple tips will help.

    Schedule your workouts

    Habit psychology tells us you’re more likely to carry out a healthy behaviour if you’ve planned it. In other words, if it isn’t scheduled… it won’t happen! So, grab your diary and schedule your workouts for the week, then set an action plan to make sure it happens - pack your gym trainers, set your alarm...etc. You can also use the power of consequences…  you’re less likely to bail if you have to pay for a missed class. Sounds like tough love, but it works.

    Get back and track

    The easiest and most powerful thing you can do to get your eating back on track is to keep a food diary. Studies show dieters who track their food can lose twice as much weight as non-journalers. It cuts eating amnesia, helps you refocus and gets you back on track - fast.

    Start your day a high protein breakfast 

    If you’re struggling with cravings after a holiday, a high protein breakfast can help. Protein switches on satiety and puts the brakes on hunger hormones, which can cap the mid-morning munchies. Around 30 grams of protein is ideal - a single serving of any of our superfood protein blends will tick this box - simply mix with water or almond milk and/or a handful of frozen fruits for a speedy on-the-go breakfast.

    Bin the booze

    We all know alcohol is high in calories - but that’s not the only way it can sabotage good intentions. It triggers hunger, slaps down sleep quality and increases production of galanin, a brain chemical which increases cravings for fatty foods. Give yourself a two-week booze ban and see your good intentions snap back into place.

    Go snooze 

    Balmy holiday evenings are blissful, but nipping late nights in the bud will benefit your body. Tiredness increases hunger hormones and studies show sleepy brains are more drawn to junk food. Work out how many hours snooze you need (for most of us, 7-8 is ideal) then work backwards, and make sure you’re in bed a half hour before this time - for extra points turn your electronic devices off, as the light interferes with the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. And if you need some extra energy, try The Energy Booster – a pre/intra-workout supplement that’s developed to help you get the most out of your workouts and snap you out of that post-holiday slumber.


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