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The Lean Protein
Whey protein powder for weight-loss.
The Energy Booster
Pre/intra-workout powder with BCAAs.
The Glow Booster
Collagen supplement for skin.
The Tone Capsules - nootropic supplements for tone and definition, by Innermost
The Tone Capsules - nootropic supplements for tone and definition, by Innermost
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Jars of The Tone Capsules - a nutritional supplement for tone and definition, developed by Innermost
The Tone Capsules - a nutritional supplement for tone and definition, developed by Innermost

The Tone Capsules

Finesse and tone.

Forget fad diets, they don’t work. These nootropic capsules contain research-backed ingredients that gently raise your metabolism, reduce cravings and promote sustainable fat-loss. People keep telling us that they love it. You will too.

The Tone Capsules

30 daily servings

£18.95 £18.95

Product Highlights

Active Ingredients

For every serving of The Tone Capsules: Matcha Green Tea (500mg), Yerba Mate (300mg), Vitamin C (250mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (150mg), Capsicum (75mg), L-Theanine (75mg), Vitamin B6 (0.7mg), Vitamin B12 (1.25µg).

Scroll down to learn about these ingredients and how they benefit you.

How And When To Use

Take 2 capsules daily with your breakfast or lunch.

Works Well With: The Lean Protein to encourage effective fat-loss and support lean muscle development.

Improve tone and definition
Body toning supplements that work. Use as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise to help you tone up and define.
Raise metabolism naturally
Capsicum and matcha offer a natural metabolism boost, enabling you to burn calories at a faster rate.
Nootropics and adaptogens
Nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients work with your body's own balance to enhance your natural ability to manage physical and mental stressors.
Easy to use
Simply take two capsules per day with breakfast or lunch. You have 30 days' worth in a jar.

User trials

*Results based on 65 participants surveyed over a 30 day period. Participants were requested to log a diary and complete a survey at the end of the month.

I need some help getting into shape ...

Toning up can be tough.

Let’s make it easier. Forget the fad diets, the unattainable industry standards, and ridiculous restrictions - if you’re looking to see real results, look no further.

The Tone Capsules. Formulated by leading nutritionists to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals, these capsules contain a groundbreaking combination of science-backed ingredients to help you start seeing the lean muscle definition you’re looking for. Because we realise that reaching your goals doesn’t have to be impossible.

When will I start to see results?

You should be able to start seeing results in as little as a couple of weeks as long as you take the capsules daily, keep to a consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet.

Can I take them when pregnant?

As with all nutritional supplements, it’s always best to speak with your doctor first if you're pregnant or breastfeeding as they’ll have more knowledge on your individual circumstances.

Are The Tone Capsules vegan?

Yes, all of our capsules are vegan. They’re also free of GMO, and contain no fillers, bulking agents or artificial colours. What you see is what you get!

Innermost is awarded The Game Changer Award. The sands are shifting in the supplements industry. One brand stands out most, Innermost. We now expect more from our supplement products and Innermost is well ahead of the curve.

Ingredients backed by science

With so many “miracle” ingredients being touted out there, it can be hard to know what really works. We believe evidence-based ingredients are the best way to better health. With decades of clinical studies behind these active ingredients showing how they can help gently raise your metabolism, reduce cravings, and help tone and define, we're confident that you’ll thank us later.

Per 2 Capsules:

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea (500mg): Matcha green tea is a specifically concentrated green tea powder, bursting with flavonoids called catechins. Its health benefits span the whole spectrum from fat loss, to protection against heart disease, improved skin, energy and focus. References > 1, 2.


Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate (300mg) Dried leaves of an evergreen holly tree native to South America. An incredibly high antioxidant content and has been shown to have possible effects in the area of weight management, which could be due to it helping delay intestinal absorption of dietary fat. References > 3, 4.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C (250mg, 313%*): An important vitamin used to support the immune system. It also helps stabilise green tea compounds to enhance absorption and maximise their benefits. References > 5, 6.


Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (150mg): Essential for aerobic energy metabolism, also acting as a powerful antioxidant, breaking down harmful free-radicals. It's also thought to help the body utilise stored fat, which can aid high-intensity exercise performance and help with weight management. References > 7, 8.



Capsicum (75mg): A compound with bioactive properties found in chilli peppers. Regular consumption can reduce abdominal fat and appetite. Evidence suggests that it could play a beneficial role as part of a weight management programme. References > 9, 10.



L-Theanine (75mg): A relaxing but non-sedative amino acid that has been shown to help reduce cortisol levels in the body, which is caused by stress and can lead to weight gain. References > 11, 12.


Vitamin B

Vitamin B6 (0.7mg, 50%*)and Vitamin B12 (1.25µg, 50%*): For the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal energy-yielding metabolism. These also play a role in maintaining hair and skin health, and a regulated nervous system. References > 13, 14.

*%NRV (Nutrient Reference Values) are guidelines on daily amounts of vitamins and minerals to be consumed to maintain a healthy diet.

Other Ingredients: A plant-based capsule shell, and nothing else.

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Why it's special


Vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 all impact a variety of systems within the body. Vitamin C not only supports immunity, but it allows your body to efficiently absorb fat molecules to produce energy. Vitamins B6 and B12 also help increase energy while stimulating metabolism and regulating the circulatory and nervous systems.

Functional Ingredients

Alpha Lipoic Acid and L-theanine are ingredients often used for weight management. Alpha lipoic acid is not only high in antioxidants, but it can reduce the activity of an enzyme that increases feelings of hunger. L-theanine can help with stress relief, blood pressure management and increased mental focus.


Yerba mate, matcha green tea and capsicum are naturally active ingredients that are high in antioxidants. Yerba mate has shown to reduce the total number of fat cells, while capsicum increases metabolism and improves digestion. Matcha green tea has proven benefits from boosting energy to increasing fat burning.

When should I use the product?

The Recover Capsules after your workout or before bed.
The Focus Capsules when you wake up in the morning.
The Tone Capsules with your breakfast or lunch.
The Digest Capsules before your main meal of the day.
The Relax Capsules before you go to bed at night.

How many servings do I get?

Each of our capsule products contain 60 capsules. We recommend that you take 2 capsules a day. So each product will last you exactly 30 days.

Can I mix and match products?

Yes, absolutely. We developed all our products so that you can mix and match any of them depending on your individual goals and needs. You will get the benefits of each of them regardless of whether you're taking them alone or with any of our other products.

What sort of testing do you do?

We go over and above to ensure you get the best quality and safest products possible. We only use ingredients that have a visible supply chain, and our manufacturing facilities are approved to the highest regulatory standards. Once we receive ingredients, we batch test every single one before it gets approval to go into the manufacturing process. That isn’t technically an official requirement but it’s something that we think should be.

Real People, Real Results