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The Lean Protein
Whey protein powder for weight-loss.
The Energy Booster
Pre/intra-workout powder with BCAAs.
The Glow Booster
Collagen supplement for skin.

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Great product!

Shaker Bottle
Great shaker

Great for mixing and easy to use, the plastic is a good quality too!

The Lean Protein
Great taste, clean ingredients, perfect combo

Just purchased chocolate flavour. Have to say - amazing! Blends really well, tasted amazing, no soy and clean protein.
The additional ingredients lie alcar and inulin- are great for added support in weight control and energy levels. Love it! Happy I found it and gonna be repurchasing

The Fit Protein
Julie Jones
Creamy deliciousness!

I love this protein drink and shake it up with only 12oz water. Sometimes I add in powdered greens . It mixes well and I enjoy after my workout each morning :)

Game Changer

I've been on a hunt for a good pre-work out but nothing seemed to be right for me, until I came across this one. I'm hyper sensitive to caffeine and my body didn't always agree with pre work outs but this one is different, it's perfectly balanced and it gives me the right kick before an intense workout, so happy I found it. Tastes delicious, which is a bonus :)

Probably the best protein powder out there

I've waited a minute for this bundle to be back in stock in chocolate, but as always it was worth it. The flavour is amazing (no but really, it tastes so good) and as for performance, it's the best proten powder out there, stand alone and even better as a bundle

Great Pre-workout

Love the energy booster. I take this before HIT work outs to help train even harder. Good taste, more or less water used to suit your palette.

Good Protein and Energy

I've been using the Lean protein for a while and lacked energy as training increased. Have now moved to the Fit Protein and as hoped it has given me more energy to train and kept my intake of protein up. Great as an after gym session mixed in with porridge!

Good as gold

The bundle has been really good. Super impressed with the performance of the products. Hitting a few new marginal PB’s that I was looking for so must be giving me a touch extra that I wasn’t getting from previous supplements. Zma helping with sleep and muscle fatigue and the high potency protein is a winner.

Alex Wysman

The Fit Protein
Sarah Bond
Delicious !

This protein is one of the best vegan proteins that I’ve tried! It blends really well and can be used in a variety of ways.
My favourites are overnight oats and fruit smoothies post-workout! I took a star off because of the cost and not being able to buy bigger bags.

The Digest Capsules
Jessica Kidd
Seems to work

Been using these for about 5 weeks now and have noticed a visable decrease in bloating both aesthetically and in how I feel

Good producr

Love the flavour & works really with the shaker bottle. I have noticed a great improvement in my energy levels & able dig deeper in my blaze classes.
Highly recommend & thank you

Shaker Bottle
Lyn Donde
I have 2 of these bottles. One for pre/workout energy drink & the other for post protein shake. ...

As above 10/10

Best tasting protein ever

I just love it. And getting the bundle with the carnitine and the tone tablets was just the perfect combo. Also love my free bottle! Will re order soon!

The Fit Protein
Julie Bronson
Tastes delicious

Take this with me to drink after training. It mixes really well, great consistency and tastes delicious. I have the chocolate in this and vanilla in Lean. Would love a strawberry version 😋

My absolute favourite!

I’m really loving the chocolate strong protein! The taste is great, many other chocolate flavoured products taste very artificial but not Innermost. It’s my go to drink after a good workout.

Thanks Shona, we've got some more new flavours on the way that we think you'll love! Who knows, you might have a new go-to very soon ;)

The Strong Protein
Vishal Bhudia
Great shake

I’ve had many protein shakes and have used both low priced and high priced shakes but this one is great. I find a lot of shakes have an artificial taste and I’m very fussy. This one is great, it’s not sweet, the taste is great and the texture. Mixes well with milk I use 250ml with the chocolate flavour.

I took a risk using this product due to its ingredients, it has the perfect ingredient profile and I’m glad I tried it. Im hoping they will in the future create a pea protein one as I don’t want to consume too much dairy in one day.

Hi Vishal, thank you for the kind words. If you're looking to switch from Whey to dairy-free, we have 2 vegan protein blends - the Fit and the Health. You can add a serving of the Power Booster if you'd to like supplement it with creatine. Let us know if you give this a try as we'd love to hear from you!

The Recover Capsules
Christopher Juckes
Feel Fresh Everyda

These have really helped me feel fresh and ready everyday for my CrossFit classes. Taking Recover capsules on workout days have speeded up recovery notably and have allowed me to minimise aching muscles.

Hey Chris! Nice to hear that you're prioritising recovery, have you tried the Energy Booster as a pre-workout? It's packed with a multitude of rich ingredients that would help you push through those CrossFit sessions. Thanks for the kind review and let us know if you give it a try :)

Spot on!

The strong protein is by far the best tasting protein I’ve ever tasted and that’s after years of trying to find that perfect balance of performance and taste of a protein shake. As for performance of the product I can safely say it also tops any protein I’ve ever used before, I mix mine with 400ml of whole milk for those added calories, protein, vitamins & minerals and it packs a punch to my recovery after every training session. A must have for anyone who takes their training seriously and whoever wants to takes their nutrition and recovery to the next level. A massive bonus is the fact that this protein contains absolutely no bollocks and has the massive benefits of those natural ingredients that Innermost have added! In my opinion, you’re missing out if you don’t use it!

Thank you so much, Sam! We love hearing that you're taking your training and recovery seriously and that we're able to support you through your journey. We've got new products and flavours in the works that we think you'll love so watch this space and keep up the good work :)

The Lean Protein
Danielle S

I loved this protien powder, it tastes delicious added to a smoothie! I have been using this for about a month and feel like i can already see the difference. I feel fuller for longer and I can see more muscle definition. I only wish the product came with a scoop

Thanks for the kind words Danielle. We've significantly reduced our plastic usage to be kinder to the planet and have made the scoop available for purchase on the website. Nonetheless, you can always measure with a spoon or a scale for increased accuracy! Keep up the good work :)

The Detox Booster
Veronica Trickett
My daily staple, my hangover cure

I got the Detox booster on a one off to upgrade my smoothies and try to feel a bit more vitality after feeling run down. I'm so glad I did - not only does it rebalance my digestive system, it helps clear up any brain fog, sets me up for the day and also is the perfect hangover cure after I've indulged too much from the night before. I literally just mix a scoop of it with orange juice and some psyllium husk and it feels like it completely rejuvenates me. I make sure I have it every morning now and wouldn't be without it x

The Weight-Loss Collection
Rabi' Johan Sweidan

The Weight-Loss Collection

Thanks for the love Rabi, how is your weight loss journey going? Feel free to drop us an email at hello@liveinnermost.com as we'd love to hear from you :)

The Strong Protein
Josephine Karren
Great product but EXCELLENT customer service

I had a delivery mishap (note* I'm across the pond). Their customer service was quick to respond and resolve my problem in a matter of seconds. On top of that, Innermost protein taste delicious. It helps me reach my protein intake without the calorie count and personally I feel stronger.

Thank you for the love, Josephine. Keep a look out as we're developing new products and flavours, you won't want to miss it!

The Energy Booster
Bernard Mackin
It does what it says on the packet, Boosts your Energy 👍

Since using this Energy drink, my stamina has improved vastly. I am one of those guys that t avoids legs day in the gym. On this Booster, I am now doing legs twice a week. Thank You INNERMOST 👍👍

Thank you, Bernard! Indeed, the Energy Booster does give you that extra edge to push through those workouts and perhaps even stop you from skipping leg day. You might want to give the Power Booster a try as well to further support your strength training

The Strong Protein
Mikos Santos

Possibly the best tasting protein powder I've had. I just wish these came in larger sizes