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The Lean Protein
Whey protein powder for weight-loss.
The Energy Booster
Pre/intra-workout powder with BCAAs.
The Glow Booster
Collagen supplement for skin.

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great boost

Really like this product. I have been adding it to my smoothies. Blends well! Will repurchase.


Perfect size for the gym, metal mixer thing not really needed as it just rattles around.

Energy and fitness galore!

I used this for pre & post fitness recently when taking part in a 3 day, 100+ mile walk for charity. Energy and fitness were spot on, and the chocolate flavour was as great as ever!

The Power Booster
Jeremy Stephens
Delicious, good quality protein shake.

I've been searching for the best shake that suits my needs for a while. I came across innermost and saw how you can mix most if not all other products they sell into one shake, kind of like creating the best concoction for your own gains. The chocolate strong is definitely the best tasting shake I've had in a long while. Definitely recommend with the power ( creatine ) mix.

Really great!

Lovely shaker, quick to make a shake plus doesn’t leak in the bag!

The Strong Protein
Charlotte Snuverink
Great product

I love the flavour of this and the texture. Easy to mix in with anything. Also really love the formulation as I really believe it works! I do try to up my creatine game but with this formulation there's no need for the extra supplementation.

The Energy Booster
Lesley Sage

I love this defiantly the best I’ve tried … doesn’t give you the jitters or shakes a nice energy level, I take it first thing in the morning before my workout works great, tastes amazing. Keeps my energy up till about 2pm and don’t like to take more as I’m not working out. I’ve now subscribe and happy I’ve found the best pre workout. 😊

The Health Protein
Eduardo Morgan Prata
5* product

I’ve been trying to find a good vegan protein product and after a good amount of research I’ve come across this one. Didn’t really keep my expectations too high as I’ve tried a few and they weren’t good. This one however is REALLY GOOD. Blends in quite well with water, just 150 calories, full of good stuff in it and actually smells pretty good as well. I’m now convinced!

would recommend

really loved using this for mental and physical motivation to get my butt to the gym. not too intense an effect, which is great for newbies like me, and tastes fine (my boyfriend loves the taste but I can always sniff out sweeteners, which I expected but just don't love). overall, would recommend, next day delivery is a treat too.

Sustained fitness

The best protein I have found has a founded nutritional content and protein, meaning I can sustain a high level of fitness activities without making myself sick. I always go for chocolate but the vanilla is good too

Effective energy boost

I've been using the Innermost energy booster for a couple of years now. I've tried other brands but I much prefer this for taste, less caffeine and more additional nutrients. The booster has really helped me take my fitness to the next level, I recommend it to all my friends!

The Strong Protein

This is the best!

This is the best. It's the tastiest, mixed with almond milk and water with a banana. Love it! Thank you Innermost :)

You're also the best! Thank you Dawn.

The Define Booster
Julie Smyth
Define, Recovery & Shake bottle

Products ordered and received the very next day. I add rhe define to my post run shake and although it smells quite strong it cannot be tasted in the drink . The recovery tablets are easy to swallow and I also take these post run . I have only been taking these for 1 week and today I was asked if I had lost weight 😍
The shaker is excellent quality with a large drinking spout which I prefer and it has gone everywhere with me since I received it!
Excellent service and products I will certainly be ordering again.

Julie, what a kind and wonderful review thank you so much! So glad you're loving your products.

The Lean Protein
Carolyn Greig
Lean Protein

Wonderful I feel full and healthy for hours after my Lean Protein breakfast

Send us your breakfast recipe to hello@liveinnermost.com, we love to hear about our customers' creative recipes. Thanks for the great review Carolyn!

The Health Protein
Charlotte Snuverink
Good booster post workout

I am now using this purely in a shake with some coffee, ice, hemp seeds and ashwaganda. And is a great post workout snack to keep me fuelled.

This recipe sounds amazing Charlotte! Drop us an email on hello@liveinnermost.com and we can discuss more brilliant shake ideas.

The Lean Protein
Charlotte Snuverink
Great flavour!

Great flavour. Yet to figure out about the lean benefits so looking forward to see some results.

Thanks Charlotte! Keep us posted on your results at hello@liveinnermost.com, we'd love to hear how you're getting on with The Lean Protein after using it for a bit longer.


Love this so much - always order more!

Thank you Ey! We appreciate the love.

Perfect for low caffeine intake

I needed a pre-workout with as little caffeine as possible, as I'm quite sensitive to caffeine.

Tried it out for my morning workouts and had such an amazing workout. Good level of energy through out the session and the low caffeine meant I was able to sleep through the night.

That's so great to hear Jade! A great workout and a great night's sleep... win-win!

Tasty and healthy

A perfect short and sweet review, thank you Katie! Glad you love the product.

The Strong Protein
Katie Oakley

Delicious !!!

We're so happy you're so enthusiastic about the taste Katie! Thank you!

The Relax Capsules
Rodney Prescott
Really works well

Feel rested even if I wake up I can go back to sleep.

That's great to hear Rodney! Thank you.

The Health Protein
Sabiha Patel

Really amazing protein powder with none of the powdery texture

Thanks for the kind review Sabiha! We're so glad that you love the texture.

The Lean Protein
Amanda Franklin

Love this product! Not too sweet and tastes dreamy! My favourite is to mix in a smoothie with almond milk, frozen banana and matcha. So yummy. Would highly recommend.

That smoothie sounds delicious Amanda. Thanks for the lovely review!

The Strong Protein
Nicolaas Luitsz
Great taste, great results !

Definitely feel a difference in my workout combing both the ‘strong’ protein and the ‘power’ additive.

Thanks for the kind review Nicolaas! Combining The Strong Protein and The Power Booster is a great idea.