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Quick, Easy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

16th September 2020

16th September 2020

By Allison Strang

Energy. Health. Brainpower. Oh my. When your stomach grumbles as you’re rolling out of bed, that’s your body telling you it’s time for the ‘most important meal of the day’: breakfast.

According to WebMD, it’s a good idea to eat a small amount of food within an hour of waking up, even if you’re not that hungry. The reason being that it kickstarts your metabolism for the day, gets your cognitive function going full steam ahead, and has long term health benefits for your blood pressure. While it’s convenient to grab a sugary granola bar as you’re running out the door, or to skip breakfast altogether, your body actually needs those all-important morning calories.

Putting the right fuel in your body first thing is key; incorporating meals that include carbs, protein and fibre will keep you full and energised for the day ahead. So not only is it vital to make time for breakfast, but it’s necessary to be mindful of what exactly it is you’re eating. Let’s be real, nobody has time to cook up a gourmet storm every morning, so we’ve put together a list of healthy breakfast ideas that you’ll be able to make both the time and effort for.

Banana and Chocolate Proats

Oatmeal is a classic, but adding protein to the mix? Now that’s an energy-filled start to your day. Whether you like to make your porridge in a saucepan on the hob or quickly in the microwave, mixing in The Fit Protein in chocolate will take your plain old oats up a notch. Top them with a sliced banana to get a serving of fruit in, and you’re good to go.

Avocado and Boiled Egg on Toast

Smashed avo on toast is always a good idea. Pop your slice of sourdough in the toaster, get your eggs boiling on the hob, and make sure you have a fresh avocado at the ready. Hard-boiled eggs are a mess-free way to have a bit a protein without the messy, runny yolk. Don’t forget to season with salt, pepper and a pinch of chilli flakes to give you that extra kick.

Perfect Purple Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are such an easy way to get in some early morning antioxidants, a couple servings of fresh fruit, and even a bit of protein – if you’re feeling fancy. Just blend together some fresh or frozen blueberries, a frozen banana, a bit of water and a splash of a milk of your choice to create a creamy, fruity smoothie bowl that’ll set you up for the perfect day ahead. If you’re in need of some extra energy, add a scoop of The Lean Protein in vanilla before you blend.

Simple Go-To Omelette

No time to pop into the shops yesterday? A herb-filled omelette is a great way to fill you up with just a handful of ingredients. If you’re feeling hungry, whisk three eggs in a bowl with some fresh dill, parsley and basil. Heat your oil in a pan on the hob, pour in your seasoned eggs, and let them cook until they set. It’s minimal effort, minimal ingredients, and simply delicious.

Lean Pancakes

When you’re dreaming of something sweet for breakfast, pancakes are always a go-to. But no need for that powdery mix from the shop – just mash a banana in a bowl, whisk in an egg and stir in some wholemeal flour to create a super simple batter. Just two tablespoons of this gooey mix make a perfect size pancake to cook in a pan for one to two minutes on each side. Top with some freshly sliced banana or berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, and Salsa Wrap

A breakfast wrap is a cutlery-free way to get all your morning nutrition in if you’re on the go. Simply get the heat on the hob going, add your whisked eggs and scramble to your liking. Throw some spinach in when the eggs are halfway done cooking, so that the greens become wilted. Serve in a wrap and add salsa to give it some extra flavour and texture. And if you’re running late? Wrap it in foil, so it’s ready to eat on the road.

Fruity Yoghurt Pot

This one’s great in the morning, or even as a tasty afternoon snack. And, if you’d rather plan ahead, make the mix the night before. Just combine natural yoghurt, strawberry jam, bananas, honey, granola and almonds in a small bowl. You can also add any other fruit you like. Although this contains a few more ingredients, the prep work is simple and totally worth it. Quick tip: if you make your pot the night before, leave out the granola and add it in in the morning just before eating to get that extra crunch.

So now that you have a week’s worth of healthy breakfast ideas ready to go, there’s no reason to skip out on filling yourself up first thing. If you try any of these recipes, make sure to tag a picture and tag us @liveinnermost.

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