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Moving For Body And Mind With Sarah Mariko

2nd February 2023

2nd February 2023

By Innermost

We sat down with Innermost Insider and founder of online fitness platform MOVE With Mariko, Sarah Mariko to discuss why movement really is so important for body and mind - and why it doesn't have to involve sweating it out at the gym!

Hey Sarah! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a strength and run coach from London, however I am based in sunny LA! I am the founder of MOVE With Mariko – a subscription service offering online classes for women - whilst also teaching on the Courtney Black App and in-studio as a Senior Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp when I am back in the UK. My goal with my training is to help women become confident and feel the very best version of themselves. I want women to see beyond solely training for aesthetics (of course it has its place) and training for all the other amazing mental benefits.

How did you become an Innermost Insider and what’s your goal as an ambassador for the brand?

I tried the Innermost products last year and loved them. I love that the products aren’t full of loads of artificial products and that the packaging is recyclable.

I think it’s so important to be authentic in this industry and I only partner with brands that I truly believe in. I want to share the Innermost products with my followers and support a brand that I truly believe in.

Our topic of the month is movement. Why do you think that physical movement is important on a daily basis?

Absolutely! We can sometimes mistake physical movement to mean we have to be getting sweaty by lifting weights or doing some sort of cardio, but physical movement can be going for a long walk, a gentle swim, or a hike in the hills as they do here in LA. Any activity where we are moving our body is going to make us feel good and positive and set us up for the day.

What is your favourite way to get moving and why?

I am a big fan of group exercise and I love to run and strength train. That feeling of going for a run and really pushing yourself, or that feeling of going to the gym and lifting heavy weights really is the best feeling! I love to feel challenged, and in doing so feel strong and confident in myself.

There are very few times in the day we get to be truly present and I find exercise to me is one of those times. You are present in the workout, in the room, in your body. Embrace that.

I’ll also put a podcast in, make a coffee and go on a walk down the beach every morning. That feeling of sunshine and fresh air is like no other.

What’s your favourite form of movement when you’re just not feeling it?

Walking! We put so much pressure on ourselves to be working out in a gym when movement is really quite simple. Go for a walk and call a friend or listen to a podcast. It’s a rapid mood booster and you will feel so much better for it.

How does physical movement play a part in your mental wellbeing?

The correlation between physical movement and mental wellbeing is something that I want us to tap into more. We have been conditioned over the years to believe that we must punish ourselves through exercise for the sole purpose of losing weight. This isn’t true!

Physical movement, however that looks for you, has so many other benefits. For me it is about exercise for that immediate post workout feeling when I feel I can take on the world. It’s about knowing I am challenging myself in every session, and by doing this becoming mentally stronger and more resilient. Knowing that I can handle uncomfortable situations because I am taking myself outside of my comfort zone every time I workout. It’s about sleeping better, feeling good in my body, having higher energy levels. I could go on forever but it plays such a huge part in my mental wellbeing and I want others who might not be quite there yet to share this feeling!

What gets you moving when you really don’t feel like it? And what advice would you give to others who struggle to get sufficient movement in, day to day?

A little bit of tough love works for me. I know I’m not always going to be in the mood, but sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk before a session. I know how good I am going to feel afterwards and I try and connect to that feeling after a workout. This is my drive.

If you are struggling to get sufficient movement in day to day then set small daily goals. I would start with a step count. If you are hitting 7,000 a day then for the next month aim to hit 8,000 a day. That’s an extra 28,000 a month! Then each month increase this count. Small, achievable goals is key to your success.

What Innermost product(s) have you been loving recently?

The Energy Booster and The Glow Booster. I use the Energy Booster before I record my online classes and The Glow Booster goes in my smoothie every morning.

Sarah, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you! Our final question is... What’s your innermost desire that you hope to come true this year?

Oh wow. Big question considering it's so early in the year! This move to LA is pretty new to me and last year was a challenging year. This year I want to be present in everyday, give my 100% to everything I do and embrace all opportunities. Let’s go 2023!

That's a wrap! To keep up with Sarah, check out her Instagram or book onto a program with her via the MOVE With Mariko platform.

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