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Our Must-Read Guide To Getting Started With Yoga

20th October 2021

20th October 2021

By Shivraj Bassi

Have you heard the latest?

One wellness trend that is definitely here to stay is yoga. Morning yoga, lunch time yoga, evening yoga... you name it, here at Innermost, we're here to give it a go. Are you?

After some persuasion, you’ve done some research into modern yoga and suddenly you’ve entered a world of crazy looking balances, contortion and something called 'breath work'. But what's it really all about? 

Getting started with yoga can be a pretty big feat. Our fave yogi Adam Husler is here to answer your questions and bust some myths along the way, to make getting started with yoga a breeze. 

Is yoga just about stretching and making pretty shapes? 

Ok, let's look at yoga from a completely physical perspective. The asanas (poses) and the transition between them are as much about strength as flexibility.

Depending on your individual fitness goals, stronger people often need to focus more on the flexibility side and super flexible people generally need to focus on getting stronger and more stable, in an attempt to improve their overall fitness levels.

When it comes to getting started with yoga, we’re trying to find the balance between these two poles, whilst focusing on sensations rather than aesthetics.

Yoga classes mainly involve lying around and gently stretching, don't they?

In the world of modern yoga there are all sorts of styles:

  • Alignment-focused Iyengar Yoga
  • Sweaty Ashtanga Yoga
  • Relaxing Restorative Yoga
  • Cardiovascular Rocket Yoga
  • Spiritual Kundalini Yoga
  • Deep Yin Yoga
Within some styles, there’s huge variety based on who’s teaching. For instance, a Vinyasa class could be fast and led by pop music, or silent with deep holds and controlled movement. In short, your physical yoga practice can be as hard as you want it to be.

Will it make any difference to my life?

Starting off with the physical again, if you spend lots of your life creating a certain shape with your body, it's worth spending some time doing the opposite. If your work involves hanging over the desk, let yoga help you extend your spine.

If you’re a boxer, yoga will help you open those overdeveloped shoulders. If you run to work every day, you’ll appreciate how yoga can help loosen hips and hamstrings. 

Beyond the physical, the psychological benefits of spending 60-90 minutes taking part in some physical self-enquiry and controlling your breath are huge, especially in our modern cities.

Okay, so now we've got these initial qualms and concerns out of the way, let's jump into some actionable next steps. We're talking about the best beginners yoga moves, the benefits of yoga, what to wear for yoga and what to bring to yoga class. Let's go. 

The best beginners yoga moves 

Here at Innermost, you may have noticed that we're pretty big fans of yoga. From our guide to Trying Face Yoga For Firm, Toned Skin to our list of 8 Must-Know Yoga Poses For Total Beginners, when it comes to yoga tips, we've got you covered. Check them out!

What to wear to yoga class 

Quite simply, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. When it comes to what to wear to yoga, we generally recommend that your clothes are comfortable, well-fitted and of high quality. We recommend steering away from clothing that is too baggy, as you risk this clothing falling down or moving during some of the more technical yoga moves. 

To make things nice and easy, there are some great yoga clothing ranges that have been specifically designed for this exercise. These clothes are generally super flexible, breathable and made of quality fabric. 

Whilst your bum may look great, following this guide will ensure that you run into no mishaps (like an awkward fabric rip, or a see-through moment). 

What to bring to yoga class

This one is pretty simple. Whether you're a yoga beginner or a seasoned pro, this list contains all the staples that you'd need during your average yoga session, so listen up!

  • A small towel
  • Your trusty yoga mat
  • A reusable water bottle 
  • A named bag (so nothing gets lost!) 
  • Locker padlock and key (for your valuables) 
  • Comfortable shoes (non-slip, if possible) 
  • Hair bands (for those with longer hair) 

What's the next step?

Head to your local studio and they’ll probably have some kind of introductory offer.

We recommend that you chat to the staff team and find out the more introductory classes to start with, and as you become more confident with your abilities, you can begin to work your way on to try as many styles/teachers as you can until you find some that resonate with you.

If your studio's options are limited, try online yoga like Udaya. They're ace!

Bottom line, ignore the hype, don't get involved in the drama and let your yoga practice be a personal experience. Check out the below for some more information on getting started with yoga, too:

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