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The Lean Protein
Whey protein powder for weight-loss.
The Energy Booster
Pre/intra-workout powder with BCAAs.
The Glow Booster
Collagen supplement for skin.

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The Lean Protein
Leyton Read
Ultimate Protein

So glad I came across Innermost. There knowledge and expertise has helped me chose the best track for my own personal health and fitness goals. I highly recommend.

Ultimate Protein

1st time I have bought online from Innermost. Spent alot of time looking for a protein and recovery product that suits me and doesn't make you bloat. This bundle has everything and tastes fantastic. Full of flavour and doesn't taste like a powder. Will definately be ordering on a regular basis. Bring on the 12 April when the gym re opens and I can start to hit my goals with the help of the Innermost products

Hooray, Leyton, we're so pleased to hear this! Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep us updated on your progress at hello@liveinnermost.com


I’ve struggled to find a great vanilla whey/vegan protein (I’m not fussy) that doesn’t leave a weird taste when heated in porridge or pancakes. This protein powder is amazing. It makes it so easy to hit my protein macros without me having to compensate on carbs and fat and it tastes so so good. I haven’t tried chocolate yet but it’s next on my list after hitting subscribe and save on this...

The Recover Capsules
Anthony Gentle
Recover tablets

I’ve only been using this product for a short while....so all I can is that I have noticed some things. My sleep has improved in terms of going to sleep and how I wake up..... but I’ll wait and see if it’s effects my training when I go back to the gym. It’s easy to take and with no after taste. It’s a thumbs up from me.

The Lean Protein
Deepak Mahtani
Great taste

Awesome taste, filling and fantastic compliment to good training

The Lean Protein
Matthew Stevenson
Changing me

I am a typical guy who loves to eat bad and drink too much and hates exercising. Then I have a health scare, got to get fit and cut the bad stuff out. I have been doing ok but needed a good protein not easy to find. I have tried them all and I have quite a collection of them and then I discovered innermost this stuff is the bomb love it. No sticky horrible mess and horrible taste it’s smooth, tasty and makes me feel great. It also arrives so quickly even during lockdown. I am using the lean protein and have noticed changes to my body In a good way. Definitely give innermost a go and this is coming from a guy who said none of that stuff works. Thanks.

The Define Booster
victoria Davis
Good product

Only been using this for just over a week, not really seen any results in my weight but that could be a bit of muscle gain. On the other hand I’ve noticed that I have more energy And it’s sustained throughout the day.
I take it with water like it states on the packaging, it mixes well but tastes and smells horrible so would recommend having it with something flavoured.
Don’t know if it’s just mine but the powder is very clumpy.
Overall I would recommend this product.

Innermost Health

Excellent branding - helps you feel healthy and energetic!

The Fit Protein
Penelope Cruzita
The best!!

I can honestly say that this is the best protein there is. I feel so much better taking it after my workouts and it tastes like heaven. The best bit are all the added superfoods that means I'm getting so much more than just protein for a fraction of the price.

The Lean Protein
Binal Patel

Absolutely amazing protein powder! I’ve tried a few now, this is by far the best brand. Tastes amazing, lovely consistency when mixed with almond milk and keeps me satisfied until lunch. I’ve just subscribed so I’ll never be without it!

Love this protein! I mix the vanilla and chocolate together(scoop of each) YUM!

The Strong Protein
Mandeep Pooni
32g Protein

Quality product. Mixes well. Tastes good and one of the highest protein powders I’ve brought. Beats all others out there

Great product, great taste

A company that values their customers!

I've been using Innermost products for a few months now and, combined with some hard work in the gym, have dropped 4% body fat and feel healthier than ever 🙂

Great products (I regularly use Energise pre-workout, Strong and Lean proteins + the power booster), taste amazing, mix well and pack masses of goodness.

But the most impressive thing is the customer service. All my questions have been answered quickly, by people who know about their products and genuinely care. I had an issue with setting up my subscription and the team sent me a box full of goodies with my first order ❤️. Orders are delivered quickly and the follow up emails are helpful, with useful information, again showing this company actually understand their customers.

I honestly can't recommend you enough. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a positive review! We will continue to work hard and provide the best for our valued customers like you. Keep up the amazing work in the gym!

The Health Protein
Mandi McGee
Absolutely love this oroduct

I gave up using protein powders as they had so many addditives in them but, being vegan, I found that I couldn’t meet my protein levels needed for my fitness regime.
I am so pleased I found this product as it is clean with no nasty additives and tastes amazing,

Thank you for your wonderful review of our product! We are delighted to hear that you love it, thank you for choosing us!

The Fit Protein
Lydia Kennedy
Two Years On

I've been having a shake for breakfast for two years now and am still yet to get bored. The vanilla is the best tasting one and so versatile - tastes great in a smoothies bowl too!

Thank you so much for your positive review! We really appreciate your support, have a lovely weekend :)

The Energy Booster

I love this pre-workout, I wake up early to go to the gym and this is such a great boost to get me going first thing.

I highly recommend it if you're looking for a pre-workout it doesn't give me jitters

Thank you for your great review Dina! Thank you for all your support :)


Great healthy alternative to coffee

Nice tasting product, easy to mix and good to have a healthy alternative to standard coffee. I used to drink the detox blend but has been out of stock for a while so I guessed this was the new replacement.

Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We are thrilled to hear that you have been enjoying our new product, The Wellness Blend. Thank you for your support!

The Wellness Blend
Sarah Buddle
Another great product

Really enjoying this!
I’ll be honest and was a bit reluctant but I love it!
I have the whole office on the mushrooms

Thank you for leaving a review for The Wellness Blend! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying our product and that you've even got your office on board with the mushrooms! Have a lovely afternoon :)


No after taste or grainy taste. Best protein I've tried. Going to order trial pouches for when I'm away

We're thrilled to hear our protein is the best you've tried, with no aftertaste or grainy texture! Thanks for choosing us. We hope the trial pouches make staying on track easy, even when you're away. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out!

The Power Booster
Luisa Lajolo

Easy to add to a drink or snack.


Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we appreciate your kind words!


The Define Booster
Luisa Lajolo

A bit acid. But I like. I haven’t noticed any change yet.

Thanks for the feedback! We hear you about the slight acidity and appreciate your liking it. Results can take time, so stay consistent. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.

The Strong Protein
Luisa Lajolo

Good flavor!

Thank you for the positive feedback on The Strong Protein! We're so glad you enjoyed the flavour!

Taste is really nice!

No difference yet. But lets see

Hi there, thank you for your review! We're happy to hear that you enjoy the taste of The Lean Protein. As for seeing results, consistency is key. Keep up with your healthy lifestyle and give it some time - you'll notice a difference soon enough. Thanks for choosing our product!

Seems great reduced cravings