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What Is Bulletproof Coffee? Bulletproof Coffee Recipes, Benefits & More

30th May 2022

30th May 2022

By Beth Shelper

It seems like with every new week comes a new food or drink to try (or not to try, for that matter), and one of the most recent examples of this to hit your newsfeed is that of bulletproof coffee.

Whilst some of these food and wellness trends can be revolutionary (we’re quite frankly never getting rid of our oat milk), others can be pretty damaging to say the least.

When bulletproof coffee (sometimes called butter coffee, or even keto coffee) caught our attention, it became pretty clear that we needed to investigate and find out more about this new trend and determine whether this bulletproof coffee recipe is friend or foe.

So, the question is: bulletproof coffee, fad or fantastic, or just something we can’t get on board with? We’re about to find out.

What is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee combines high-quality coffee beans with melted butter and sources of something called MCT: medium chain triglyceride, which is an ingredient commonly found in ingredients such as coconut oil. MCT is a quality source of energy that is famed for its quick absorption into the bloodstream for fast-working impacts.

Generally, people use MCT supplementations to help with weight loss, inflammation issues, for controlling their appetite and even in cases when individuals struggle absorbing fat and other nutrient sources from foods in their day-to-day diet.

How do you make bulletproof coffee?

Making bulletproof coffee is pretty simple. The above ingredients are blended together and are best served warm, with the end result aiming to be similar to that of a latte.

What are the benefits of bulletproof coffee?

Many people who are testing or implementing bulletproof coffee into their everyday routine are drawn in by the various health benefits that are reported to be gained from the keto coffee mix. Popular benefits of bulletproof coffee include:

  • An increase in energy levels
  • Assists in the stabilisation of hunger levels
  • Reduces appetite and hunger
  • Increases an individual’s vitamin intake

Is bulletproof coffee good for you?

One of the driving factors behind people’s consumption of bulletproof coffee is the ‘desirable’ mix of energy provided by the caffeine and MCT, blended with the calorie intake that keeps people feeling fuller for longer.

Whilst this initially may sound beneficial, is bulletproof coffee good for your health on a long-term basis? It’s high fat content leads us to think, perhaps not…

Aside from those following a keto diet and maintaining a feeling of ‘fullness’ (which you can achieve through a healthy diet and a good protein supplementation, such as The Health Protein), the long-term health benefits of bulletproof coffee are questionable.

Choosing a more nutrient-packed meal and following a healthy, balanced diet is a much better option, leading to a well-rounded healthier lifestyle, too.

In summary: our recommendations for healthy weight-loss

Whilst butter coffee seems to have some benefits, we're not sure these outweigh the cons. So, if you’re turning to bulletproof coffee in the hopes of achieving weight-loss, we’ve got some healthier, long-term solutions for you that don’t involve drinking pure, unsalted butter every morning.

Here are some of our favourite recommendations:

  • Increase your protein intake
  • Consider adding The Tone Capsules to your routine
  • Set yourself up with a healthy, balanced breakfast
  • Fill your day with healthy snacks



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