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Our Favourite Chocolate Protein Smoothies (And Snacks) You Need To Try

21st March 2022

21st March 2022

By Beth Shelper

If you’re not a fan of flavourless shakes, or perhaps you’re a bit of a sweet tooth (we can’t blame you, to be honest), it might be time to give a chocolate flavoured protein ago. We’ve got the perfect solution: The Fit Protein.

Whilst you could just enjoy The Fit Protein with water or milk as it was originally intended, why would you stop there? The possibilities for recipes made with chocolate protein powder are pretty endless, and mean that from The Fit Protein, you can make everything from a day-to-day shake that makes the perfect breakfast or mid-afternoon snack, all the way to a pretty indulgent sugar crave curbing protein shake masterpiece.

Healthy chocolate protein recipes

Here at Innermost, we love nothing more than creating good-for-you shakes, recipes and meals that taste 10/10.

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean unappetising, of course! In celebration of wonders of chocolate protein, we rounded up the gang at Innermost HQ and asked everyone for their favourite chocolate protein powder recipes that they love to make using The Fit Protein.

Whilst we couldn’t include them all, we’ve decided on our four favourite – and the four that we think you would love the most. Oh, how we treat you.

Hold your horses. Before that, though, we need to remind you of the benefits of protein. Or, more accurately, the benefits of chocolate protein. Yum.

The benefits of (chocolate) protein powder

  • An increase in the speed of recovery
  • Reduces muscle loss
  • Assists in the maintenance of muscle health and mass
  • Repairs damaged tissue structure
  • Efficiently curbs hunger
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • Builds lean muscle

And lastly, but by no means least: it’s really, really tasty.

Our four favourite healthy chocolate protein shake recipes

To make our chocolate protein shake recipes as easy as possible, we’ve adapted our recipes so that all you need is the ingredients to make one base shake, with extras required depending on the flavour you want.

As always, when creating protein shakes, the consistency will depend on the quantity of particular ingredients used (such as whether you opt for milk, yoghurt or water… or all three), so we’re leaving that part up to you.

As a general guide, we’ve included the quantities we’d use for a medium-thickness. All in the name of making it easier for you to enjoy these delicious shakes.

  1. The classic chocolate protein shake

The classic chocolate protein shake is one that is a guaranteed favourite for chocolate lovers everywhere. Easily adaptable to make a multitude of choc-tastic creations, this classic recipe can be altered for all tastes, with milk and dairy alternatives making this a great option for vegans, too.

For one serving of the classic chocolate protein shake, you will need:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/3 of a cup of yoghurt (or a dairy-free yoghurt alternative)
  • 1tbsp of rolled oats (optional, depending on preference)
  • 1 heaped scoop of The Fit Protein
  • 1/4tbsp of vanilla extract
  • A splash of milk (or dairy-free milk alternative)

In terms of the method, that’s pretty simple. Whack all of the above ingredients in a blender, and press ‘go’. Voila!

  1. The peanut butter combo chocolate protein shake

To make this healthy protein-take on an American favourite, all you’re going to need is 2tbsp of peanut butter (or your nut butter of choice, if you prefer almond, for example). Blend together the above ingredients and add in your nut butter for the ultimate alternative to a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake.

 Curb the cravings and get an extra burst of energy, too! Peanut butter does pack a punch of energy and healthy fats, after all, with 1 standard serving containing around 7g of protein, 8g of carbs and 2g of fibre – all of which are required for a healthy diet.

  1. The Instagram-inspired chocolate protein shake

If you’re an avid-Instagrammer or even just a casual scroller, there’s no way that you’ve not seen a chia seed smoothie or protein shake recipe (or twelve). This Instagram-inspired chocolate protein shake recipe combines the benefits of protein and the deliciousness of chocolate with the health factors of chia seeds.

How do you make this creation, you ask?

Yeah – you guessed it. Take the classic protein shake recipe and add 1-2tbsp of chia seeds, along with 1tbsp of hemp seeds, too. Not only are seeds such as the chia and hemp great sources of fibre, but these ingredients can reduce blood sugar and pressure.

  1. The slightly unusual chocolate protein shake

We’ve all heard of those slightly rogue chocolate combinations – we’re talking chilli chocolate, cheese chocolate and for some, the controversial mint chocolate. But this shake combines berries and chocolate to create the ultimate fruit and nut alternative.

The best part of this recipe is that you can change it to how you see fit: add strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or all of the above if you feel like it, we’re not judging. The more the merrier, actually.

Add a handful of each berry type (depending on your serving size) and some honey for sweetness to that all-important classic chocolate protein shake recipe and you’ve got yourself a healthy, berry chocolate protein shake that is full of nutrients (and some of your five-a-day, too!) Winning!

A bonus recipe… for good measure

If you’re not into a protein shake (to each their own, we suppose), we didn’t want you to feel left out. We wholeheartedly recommend you check out our guide to protein balls, as it just so happens that this nifty guide includes a pretty delicious chocolate protein balls recipe. And its really, really good.

Enjoy, Innermosters!

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