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It's A Three-Step Process: How To Manage A Hangover

14th December 2022

14th December 2022

By Beth Shelper

Good morning, sunshine. Struggling from last night’s shenanigans? Scouring the internet for tips, the best hangover cures and just any sort of advice that has a slight chance of instructing you how to get rid of a hangover? Hello. Welcome. You’re in the right place.

The headaches. The nausea. The hangxiety. It’s all too much to handle sometimes, right?


At Innermost, we know a thing or two about health and wellbeing if you haven’t noticed. That also means, by default, we know a trick or two when it comes to reenergising your body, rehydrating, and recovery. These three things, coincidentally, are quick, sure-fire ways to tackle the dreaded symptoms of a nasty hangover. Nice one.

So, whether you’re wondering how to stop a hangover the night before, how to get rid of a hangover, how to cure a hangover… or, just all of the above, we’ve got the tips for you.

Now, if you’re currently struggling with hangover, we recommend turning down your screen brightness, grabbing your glasses (if you need them) and turning down the lights, so that you can read this article with as little pain as possible. Grab yourself your daily dose of The Relax Capsules and kick back.

And whilst we are going to advise you to ignore screens for the day whilst your hangover pans out, we are going to give you a bit of leeway when it comes to this rule… but just enough leeway to allow you to read the rest of this article. So, about five minutes. Deal?

Let’s start with talking about the night before. After all, that’s always a good conversation starter.

Step 1: how to stop a hangover the night before

It’s that favourite phrase of ours again… fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you’re trying to avoid that sinking mix of hangxiety, nausea and a banging headache, the process starts way before you may think. You need to be prepping throughout the day, ready for the night.

  • Get a good meal in (or three)

Make sure that your meals throughout the day are packed with healthy fats, carbohydrates and fibre. This is to ensure that your body is properly fuelled with foods that will delay the absorption of your alcohol-fuelled night out.

One of our favourites is an avocado bagel. A mix of healthy fats, delicious carbs, and quick and simple to whip up in a hurry. A real staple.

  • Dose up on Vitamin C

Top sources of Vitamin C include a tall glass of OJ, citrus fruits, broccoli, kiwis, red peppers… basically, just load up on fruit and veg. Oh, and The Tone Capsules.

Increasing your Vitamin C intake helps your body recover and re-energise, so making sure your levels of this vitamin are where they need to be is vital.

Step 2: how to prevent a hangover on the night

  • One hour, one drink

This is a classic rule.

Aim to try and stagger your drinks so that you are consuming one alcoholic drink per hour. This gives your body time to absorb the alcohol at the body’s standard rate. If you have, say, five ‘standard’ drinks on your night out, it will take your body five hours to process the alcohol.

Of course, this varies from person to person, but it’s important to pace yourself so that your body is not overwhelmed by alcohol toxins.

  • Keep it light

Avoid alcohol that is dark in colour. These include whiskey, dark rum, and red wine. These all contain congeners, which contribute to that horrible nausea that is characteristic of a hangover. Stick to clear and light spirits such as gin and vodka.

  • Skip on the carbonated mixers

A 2007 study found that carbonated mixers lead to drinkers to experience higher blood-alcohol levels than those that stuck to straight spirits. AKA, carbonated (fizzy) drinks actually make you more drunk. Let’s skip that next vodka and coke.

  • Don’t forget your water chaser

A great way to prevent a hangover on the night is to follow every alcoholic drink with a water chaser. This keeps your hydration levels up and balances out your alcohol intake. A massive reason for hangover headaches and hangxiety is dehydration, and this trick combats that brilliantly.

Step 3: how to cure a hangover

So, maybe it’s too late for the first two steps. Maybe you’re reading this in bed, struggling with a hangover you’ve already created. This is the section for you.

  • Sleep it off

If you’re lucky enough to have no responsibilities for the day, sleep the day (and the hangover) away. Your body needs rest. As much of it as you can get, really.

  • Remember to refuel

Everyone has their personal ‘hangover hacks’ or go-to snacks when it comes to curing a hangover. From salty and carby options like a bacon sandwich, to dry toast, bananas and eggs… there are plenty of foods that provide some relief.

Aside from food, though, get yourself a glass of The Energy Booster. It’s time to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs (and has lost) following your night out antics.

  • Hydration is key

Saving the best ‘til last, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Whether you opt for spring water or coconut water, it’s important to ensure you aren’t dehydrated. We guarantee you’ll feel 100x better for it.


  • Roberts, C., & Robinson, S. P. (2007). Alcohol concentration and carbonation of drinks: the effect on blood alcohol levels. Journal of forensic and legal medicine, 14(7), 398-405. Click here.

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