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What’s The Best Way To Carry Your Phone On A Run?

8th November 2022

8th November 2022

By Adele Webb

It’s the 21st century – for most of us we are constantly glued to the screens of our phones and can’t seem to go a second without our loyal companion by our side. That includes when we adventure out on our daily jogs. Carrying a phone whilst running can be controversial for many, and we agree that this is a tricky question. Yes, some of you may be a strong believer in a strictly no phones when running rule, and we can certainly get on board, with the alternative being a fitness watch, for example.

But for the majority who may rely on phones for music, tracking, or personal safety, we are here to help you along the way, with the best ways to always ensure your phone stays with you during your daily, weekly, or maybe even monthly (it’s ok) run.

We are long past the days of just holding them in our hands, and now there is an incredible array of fancy gear and activewear on the market that is very much within the pro-running category – hooray! Holding your phone whilst running can cause subtle imbalances in the body which can lead to problems in your hips, leg, and shoulder muscles (no one wants that). These issues may not arise straight away but will start to be apparent over time – trust us. 

Why you should be running with your phone

Before we outline the alternative options, let’s discuss the usefulness of having your phone on you whilst exercising outside amongst the great outdoors. If instead, you are an avid treadmill enthusiast at the gym then these may not apply, but having your phone on you here is still a fantastic idea – hello own music instead of gym radio, are we right?  When it comes to running, there are just some things that we can’t go without, a good pair of running shoes, a great pre-workout powder like The Energy Booster, and our trusty phone. These following tips are great to consider if you are on the fence about whether you should keep your device with you:

  • Firstly, you may get injured and therefore need your phone to call for help, having it with you will provide that extra blanket of security just in case of an emergency (better to be safe than sorry).
  • Secondly, the weather may drastically turn (we know how the British weather can be), and if you find yourself stuck in either a torrential downpour or blistering heat, you can use your device to ask for a ride home – that’s what friends are for right.
  • Third, you may lose your sense of direction and find yourself in an unknown location – you can then use your phone’s GPS or maps for assistance. No one likes to be stranded.
  • Lastly, and this one takes a slightly different approach, but you may want to take photographs of the beautiful scenery – ever sprinted as the sun sets? You should!

Overall, having your trusty device with you means you can relax knowing that you are safe and secure. Now let’s answer the real question here, which handy gadgets and clothing items are running essentials?

Running phone accessories you must try

Hip belt

Up first we have the hip belt, otherwise known as a running belt, and it is one of the most comfortable ways to ensure you have your phone securely on you but out of sight, and out of mind. Allowing you to purely focus on your energetic activity. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also a fantastic way to carry little things as well like your house keys or even your most used and favourited exercise-proof lip gloss. Our top pick is the Flip Belt, and these can be purchased online at their store, or even on Amazon. For those eager to find out more, let’s outline the positives and negatives.


  • They are comfortable to wear and convenient
  • Available in a variety of designs including adjustable versions
  • Can carry other items and not just your phone
  • Can be worn under or over clothing
  • Will prevent your phone from accidental drops


  • May feel uncomfortable if packed with too many things
  • Can bounce if it’s too heavy
  • Larger phones may be a tight squeeze, no one wants their phone to hang out


This carrying method has been around for a long time and is an old-school approach when it comes to having your phone on you whilst you run. Typically, it fits around your bicep and is available in many different designs and styles like a clear touchscreen window – we suggest Armpocket for this. Or, if you don’t like your device being on show, you can opt for a covered cloth appearance like the PROVIZ Reflective Arm Pocket. Again, there are good points and bad points to this certain gadget.


  • One of the cheapest options
  • Can protect your phone – some can be water resistant
  • The armband is placed within a convenient location if you have wired headphones
  • Those that have a clear screen enables the individual to see their phone without having to take it out
  • Some also include a slot to carry cards or cash – just in case you want to pop into the shops mid-run. Surely someone’s with us on this?
  • There are also armbands that have reflective details for night-time and very early morning running


  • Sizing could be an issue depending on your arm size
  • It can chafe or bounce if not properly tightened
  • It could stretch overtime and therefore not fit
  • This last one is a bit of a curve ball, but if running in the heat it could cause odd tan lines – we know right?

Running shorts

Now we begin the activewear options with running shorts with pockets.  If you are not interested in any extra components when embarking on your run, then getting yourself a nice pair of running shorts with a large enough hole to keep your phone in is an ideal choice – just note that not all have this.  Many popular brands have created running attire with pockets for both men and women, with our top favourites being Adidas’s range with their Two-In-One Running Shorts for women and the same range for men.  Although we are currently singing their praises, it’s not all a song and a dance with these items of clothing.


  • Convenient, there’s no need for extra accessories
  • There are available in a range of styles and colours to suit all – including both options for men and women
  • Many running short pockets are large enough to fit in other things like keys


  • Less choice as not all running shorts are available with pockets
  • Could cause chafing as the phone may bounce awkwardly
  • Depending on how tight the pocket design is, it could be difficult to access your phone
  • Phone may not feel as secure as some of the other options – unless they have a zip

Sports bra with pocket

This one is for all the women out there (sorry guys), and we have an added extra option – a sports bra with pockets. Nowadays there are plenty of active bras that provide the means to carry not just your phone on a run, but also extra belongings and this 3 Pocket Run Bra by Brooks is perfect for that! Featuring three different pockets with one purposely placed at the back, and on the two sides, this bra is not only supportive but also safe as well. However, is it all smooth sailing?


  • Your phone can be placed conveniently for ease of access and placed perfectly for headphone use
  • Protects phone from being dropped – the pockets are tight and secure
  • Don’t need to have any extra accessories
  • Available in a range of prints and colours
  • Easy to wear


  • Can be difficult to get the phone in or out of the pocket – especially depending on pocket size
  • Could cause discomfort – have you ever tried wearing your phone on your back?
  • You may need to buy more than one, or you’ll have to wash it between runs
  • Finding a sports bra that fits is hard enough, now there’s an added extra component

Running vest

The last activewear item on our list is the running vest, which is an excellent choice for those long-distance runners amongst you all as you can carry so much more than just your phone, and little accessories. Running vests, just like a miniature version of a backpack, enables the individual to even carry around water and snacks – who doesn’t love a good protein rich snack bar during a run for that extra boost? We sure do! What’s more, weighing down your vest with heavier items is a great step forward to push your endurance and get in those extra gains. This vest by Montane contains not just one but two front compartments for water bottles, and a spacious back zipped pocket for lots of storage.


  • Great for carrying many different items including water
  • There are many waterproof ones on the market
  • Weighs you down to test your endurance and push your workout further
  • Available in many different styles, weights, and sizes
  • Can improve your running posture


  • One of the most expensive options
  • Not the best choice for those wanting to partake in a short run
  • The added weight could make the runner more prone to falls, and add extra pressure on muscles and joints resulting in injury


There you have it, our top picks when it comes to running with your phone. Whichever runner category you may fall into, if that is just for a 20-30 minute jog once a week, a daily pre-work run whilst everyone is sleeping, or for those practicing for an up-and-coming marathon – there are some fantastic secure and helpful gadgets and activewear garments that allow you to always keep your much-loved device with you whilst you work out. So put your best foot forward and discover them for yourself - and whilst you're at it, why not check out The Energy Booster, for that little extra push during your next run.

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