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The Lean Protein
Whey protein powder for weight-loss.
The Energy Booster
Pre/intra-workout powder with BCAAs.
The Glow Booster
Collagen supplement for skin.

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Become an Innermost Insider and join our community of ambassadors. You'll receive a tonne of exclusive benefits, from discounts on products to private event invitations, and our advice and support for your individual projects.


Earn up to 30% commission on qualifying sales through your referral link.


Receive rewards as you progress through our Innermost tiers.


Join our development scheme to help you reach Gold Tier status.


Work directly with our team to generate social content.


Attend exclusive events - freebies included!


Win big with our monthly Insider challenges.

How It Works


Complete our Brand Ambassador application. Let's find out more about you.


Spread the word, share your ambassador code and start earning cash commission.


Follow the Innermost Ambassador social channels and be a part of our community.

Reward Tiers

As an Innermost Ambassador, you'll get amazing rewards as your progress through our tiers. Start off as a Bronze Tier Insider and work your way up to Gold Tier status to unlock exclusive rewards and triple your commission from 10% to 30% through your link.


Sign up to the program and earn 10% commission.


30 sales! Earn 20% commission and get £40 of product per month.


60 sales! Earn 30% commission and get £80 of product per month.


F45 coach and founder of Catalyst Fitness Cyprus, Martha helps people reach their goals through lifting weights and understanding how to fuel their bodies.

"Nothing worth having comes easy. Trust the process!"


Claire Fountain
Yoga Teacher

“I’m all about spreading positivity, and Innermost is a brand that brings me joy. From the amazing group of people who belong to it to the other ambassadors who are a part of their network. Community vibes on point.”

Taryl Boothe

“My favourite part about being an #innermostinsider are the ambassador giveaways! I love seeing how everyone mixes it up on their feeds. Getting a first look at new content and products always gives me something to look forward to!”

Maiken Brustad
Personal Trainer

"As a full-time personal trainer, I need to get enough protein and energy in my day to day nutrition. I love Innermost's products and all their amazing ingredients. I had to jump onboard as an ambassador so I could get in on the commission and share amazing content!”

Zack Seamons
Osteopath and Trainer

“Creating content is one of my main passions and I love working with Innermost on this. Getting hold of content to share with my followers really helps to boost my platform, and they’re always right by my side to support my personal charity initiatives too!”

Natasha Minter
Model and Coach

“I love logging in to the #innermostinsider group and having a chat with all of my fellow ambassadors. I gain such awesome insight from everyone and they all bring something unique. Community is so important."

Darren Placid
Personal Trainer

“I’m always on the go as a firefighter and fitness trainer, so the #innermostinsider crew was a no brainer. The platform is super easy to use and I can see the commission rolling in even on my busy days.”

India Harl

“My favourite part about being an #innermostinder is helping my friends and family find the right supplements for them! I feel like I have the low-down on the products. I love being creative and making content that reps the brand.”

Hannah Cleeve

“I love being an #innermosinsider because I love connecting with other ambassadors and being inspired. I’m a professional dancer and the platform has helped me make some serious moves outside of the studio too.”

Kate Bacik
MMA Fighter

“Innermost fuels my competitive training as well as my ambition, and I love the response I get from my followers when I’m able to share content with them! Everyone on the team is killing it in their space, and it’s so cool to be a part of.”

Naiara Bras

“Being an #innermostinsider has helped me engage with my followers by offering advice, tips, discounts and special perks. I get such great feedback on my posts and can’t wait to do more!”

Personal Trainer & Actress

“I love working with Innermost. Their community is unmatched and I can’t fault their products. They do the research and take the time to make them not only taste delicious but natural and you can fully trust they do the job they promise to do. Everyone I’ve met through this brand has been so lovely and it’s a testament to what they stand for.” 


Innermost ambassadors are a key part of our movement that aims to help people live a more inspired life. They represent Innermost, share content and encourage people to be their most empowered and realise the greatest versions of themselves.

As an ambassador, you'll not only get exclusive rewards but also cash commission when you introduce people to the brand. You'll also be an important part of our community of likeminded ambassadors who all support each other.

To be an Innermost Ambassador, you must be over 18, and active on social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube. To apply simply complete our brand ambassador application, and we'll get right back to you.

We do our best to pay our ambassadors as quickly and efficiently as possible. We use Paypal, a reliable online payments system that will get you your money quickly. Head to paypal.com to create your account.