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5 Top Health Gadgets To Transform Your Life

2nd March 2021

2nd March 2021

By Shivraj Bassi

Fitness and wellness doesn’t just mean spending hours in the gym and an extensive wardrobe of leggings and sports bras any more. Health technology has well and truly arrived, and you can now work on improving your life, wellbeing and health with gadgets of every kind. From sensors to handheld tools to home tech, whatever you’re looking to fix, there’s a fitness gadget for it. Here’s our pick of the best ones out there. 


If the post-workout sore muscles you suffer from can‘t be soaked away in a bath and make walking up a set of stairs a truly uncomfortable experience (we’ve been there and trust us, we understand), Theragun is the fitness gadget that’s calling out your name. A self-massage tool, it was developed by chiropractor James Wersland following a motorcycle accident, and it’s designed to allow you to get rid of muscle soreness, tightness and bodily aches and pains when you can’t get to a massage therapist. 

The massage gun sits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to use it all over your body to relieve tension and stress. And it really works. We recommend giving it a go on the soles of your feet to massage away post-run soreness and feel as though you’re walking on air. 

The Tone Capsules

Nootropics are a health gadget that you can’t be without. Ok, so you swallow them instead of wearing them on your wrist, but they’re still a piece of relatively new technology which will improve your life. Formulated by leading nutritionists, these nootropics contain a groundbreaking combination of science-backed, functional ingredients which will put you closer towards achieving your health goals. The Tone Capsules are the ideal choice if you’re looking to lean up and increase your muscle definition - if you have other goals, check out our other capsules, designed to help you relax, focus and recover. 

These capsules are proven to help improve definition and body tone, reduce cravings for food and gently raise your metabolism. Some of the magical ingredients behind how they work include matcha green tea, which helps protect against heart disease, improve skin quality and increase energy and focus levels, and yerba mate, the leaves of an evergreen tree native to South America, which has a high antioxidant content and have been shown to potentially help delay the absorption of fat in the body. 

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

HATCH Sleep Sound Machine + Bedside Smart Light

Struggle to sleep? If you’re spending your nights tossing and turning as opposed to sleeping like a baby, you should firstly check out our The Relax Capsules, nootropics designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and help you get a great night's sleep. Once you’ve got those backing you up, the HATCH Sleep Sound Machine + Bedside Smart Light is the health gadget which will help you to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. A smart light and noise machine, it has multiple light settings including sunrise and reading. The sound setting includes up to 31 customisable choices, with our favourites including rain sounds, white noise or even a soothing voice. If sleep is a struggle for you, this bedside companion could just be the thing which helps you to get the rest you need. 

Motiv Ring

Sometimes when you’re searching for the best fitness tracker, you want something that doesn’t look, well...like a fitness tracker. That’s where the Motiv Ring comes in. A chic and stylish ring that will blend seamlessly with your other jewellery or stand out beautifully if you don’t tend to wear any, it’s the most discreet and best-looking fitness tracker we’ve seen. 

Once you’ve sized your finger, which the company make it very easy to do, all you have to do is slip it on and the 24/7 tracking of your heart rate, sleep and activity and more will begin. These stats, available on an easy-to-use online account, will help to give you a truly comprehensive review of your health and wellbeing. 

Iris Illuminating Eye Massager

Many things conspire against us in our constant struggle to face the world with bright, open eyes. Lack of sleep, too much screen time, too much salt and the involuntary rubbing of one’s eyes at a news cycle that seems to beggar belief are just some of the things which puffy eyes are caused by. While this massager does look as though it might belong in your bedside table drawer as opposed to pressed against your face, it’s the one thing we’ve found which reliably and quickly depuffs tired, sore eyes and leaves us ready to take on the world. 

The tool twists and massages with an adjustable intensity, meaning you can set it higher or lower depending on how early you woke up to work out this morning. To use it, apply your favourite eye cream and massage gently around your eyes while it works its buzzing magic. 

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The New Nasal Breathing Technique To Improve Breathing During Exercise
Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. That’s what they say, right? Well, there’s been some research to suggest that nasal breathing during exercise is the new go-to, and there are some pretty impressive nasal breathing benefits, if we do say so ourselves. Do you breathe through your mouth or nose? Think about it. Right now, how are you breathing?  Typically, for everyone it’s different, and this is generally the technique that is more comfortable for you. The fact is though, better oxygen intake means greater energy levels: which by the way, you can also get from The Energy Booster. A lot of people ask us questions around breathing during exercise, such as how to breathe when jogging, sprinting and rowing. Well, here we go… nasal breathing is the new way to go.  What is nasal breathing? It’s probably good to get this technique defined, so that you can start implementing the breathing exercise on your next run, or when you next pop to the gym. Nasal breathing involves slow, controlled, and deep breaths through your nose whilst exercising. The aim of the game here, is to breathe in deeply enough so that you fill your lungs with air. As much as possible, actually. Not only does this breathing technique increase your oxygen intake, but the strategy slows down your breathing and heart rate, conserving energy. Thus, improving your athletic performance. Voila.  What is mouth breathing? We’d say that the clue is in the name, but we thought we’d clear up the difference anyway. This is when you breathe through your mouth. However, you may be surprised that mouth-breathing introduces some risks.  So, if you’re a so-called “mouth-breather” (as horrible as that name is), it might be time to listen up and change your ways.  Chronic mouth breathing can lead to growth issues in children such as crooked teeth and facial deformities, and in adults, breathing solely through the mouth can cause bad breath, chronic fatigue, irritability and even snoring. Woah. Nasal breathing benefits Nasal breathing engages the lower lungs This means that you’re pumping out more oxygen, which travels around your body. This is great for your cells, which means healthy organ functioning, great cell growth and a happy body. Improves your diaphragm use Breathing through the nose means that you are helping your diaphragm (the major muscle involved in respiration) to work properly and efficiently. Sounds pretty helpful. It increases your production of Nitric Oxide Nitric oxide sounds pretty harmful, but it is a vasodilator. A vasodilator is used in the widening of blood vessels, and are often used in the treatment of high blood pressure. An introduced production of Nitric Oxide (NO) can improve your oxygen circulation, again improving organ and cell functioning. Filters out harmful allergens The nose is carefully constructed to prevent foreign items, allergens and other nasties from entering our respiratory tract. This means that engaging in nasal breathing techniques (as opposed to breathing through our mouths), means that the number of harmful germs, foreign bodies and other unwanted items is greatly reduced. Thank goodness. Promotes smoother oxygen entry This sounds pretty sophisticated, but what we mean by this is, breathing through your nose both warms-up and moistens the air you breathe in. This is particularly advantageous if you’re exercising in cold weather (as breathing in the cold is harder in itself, anyway), and means that the air we breathe in has more opportunity to warm up before reaching your lungs. Warm air means greater dilation of the bronchial tubes. What does that mean for us? Yeah, better oxygen intake. You guessed it. The science behind the nasal breathing technique Now you may be thinking, that’s all well and good. But is there evidence to support this? Stop right there, we’re way ahead of you. This advice hasn’t come from nowhere. It’s been found that nasal breathing actually stimulates the nervous system – more specifically, the area that prioritises rest and recovery, as well as digestion. This means that nasal breathing promotes relaxation, and a sense of calmness – one that is definitely welcomed when you’re mid 10k run, hoping that the next 5k go way faster than the last. Research conducted by the International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science revealed that whilst this nasal breathing technique does not increase our ability to intake oxygen, nasal breathing techniques decrease respiratory rate, ratio of oxygen intake to carbon dioxide, and even breaths per minute. The study involved both male and female runners and required the runners to use the nasal breathing technique for a period of six months.  So, in our eyes, it’s a pretty well-rounded, balanced study, and definitely shows that there is scope to introduce this into your workout routine for improved athletic performance. Techniques for breathing after exercise Whilst we’ve covered the technique for breathing whilst jogging, skipping or whatever your exercise of choice is, we thought it would be helpful to give you some advice when it comes to warming down. The thing to prioritise here is your posture. Sit upright, or lay down flat on the floor, to ensure your spine is as flat and straight as possible. Another way to do this – depending on where you’ve worked out, is to lie flat on the floor and place your legs at a 90-degree angle to the wall. This gives you the ability to fill your lungs to full capacity, and promotes oxygen flow, recovery and enhances your oxygen levels. All essential for your post-exercise routine. Summary If you’re someone that exercises frequently, and you’ve noticed that you primarily breathe through your mouth – give this nasal breathing technique a go. Not only will you stop yourself becoming victim to the risks of mouth-breathing that we outlined above, but you’ll reap the benefits when it comes to your athletic performance, too. Read more