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Lift More Than Your Workout Partner

17th August 2018

17th August 2018

By Shivraj Bassi

Without a base level of strength, your performance and physique goals could remain out of reach. There's only one thing for it - it's time to set yourself a challenge and beat your workout partner to the top of the gains ladder. If you’re looking to gain Herculean strength fast, read these 6 tried and tested tips from our resident experts to help you get stronger now.

Warm up properly 

Never go into any maximal exertion set cold. Always make sure you have a proper warm-up and gradually get acclimatised to heavier weights as you go. Not only does it limit the likelihood of injury but it can also improve your strength output during the training session that follows

Compound movements

Focus on major compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, barbell rows, dips, pull-ups and all their variations. Compound movements activate multiple muscle groups at the same time which means more Central Nervous System (CNS) activation enabling you to handle heavier and heavier weights over time.

Increase your protein intake 

Training breaks down your muscles, protein helps repair them. If you’re looking to get stronger and gain muscle, you’ll need to up your protein intake. For those focused on getting stronger and building muscle, we recommend The Strong Protein. Packed with functional superfoods and adaptogens to stimulate the muscle repair process and reduce inflammation.

Supplement wisely 

Taking supplements can contribute to your strength building efforts. Along with The Strong Protein, we would recommend The Recover Capsules, which are designed to support muscle and strength gains while regulating hormone balance, energy levels and speeding up the repair process.


Good form is essential to maximise your strength gains. Focusing upon improving your technique not only helps to prevent injuries but it also allows the nervous system to become more efficient at telling your muscles to work, resulting in better gains.

Switch it up 

Muscles grow when they’re forced to adapt to new pressures. If you want to see and feel the strength gains from your training, you need to vary what you do from session to session. “The basic principle is that you need to overload your system – whether that’s through bar weight, total load per session/set/training cycle, or increased cardiovascular demands,” says strength and conditioning coach Phil Learney. Do the same every session and you’ll stay the same.

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