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Pushing For Perseverance With Demelza May

3rd May 2023

3rd May 2023

By Innermost

We sat down with Innermost Insider and fitness influencer Demelza May to discuss the importance of perseverance. From what it really means to persevere, the qualities you need to commit to achieve perseverance, and how to conjure it in times of need.

Hey Demelza! Our theme for this month is Perseverance. Can you tell us what perseverance means to you? 

To me perseverance means to keep pushing forward with determination and resilience, even in the face of challenges, obstacles, or failures. It's the ability to stay focused on a goal, no matter how difficult or long the path may be, and to keep working towards it with a positive attitude.  

Can you tell us about a time when you faced a significant challenge and how you persevered through it? 

I have had challenges with my health which has meant I have had to persevere mentally. I learnt that as long as you keep pushing and do not give up you will get there in the end.  

What motivates you to keep going when faced with obstacles or setbacks? 

We are all on our own journeys and paths. Setbacks are there to test us and how we respond to situations. Obstacles are part of life, and they make achieving the goal you set out to even greater when you reach it.  

How do you stay focused and maintain a positive attitude when things get difficult? 

I’m not perfect, it’s difficult sometimes to remain positive in situations when it feels like everything is against you. Just know that how you respond to situations can drastically change the outcome. Responding in a negative manner is going to make things worse. You are allowed to step back and feel the emotions but then think of a path forward and how you are going to make the best out of a difficult situation.  

What do you think is the most important quality to have when it comes to perseverance? 

Patience. This is something I had to work on in my fitness and health journey. Habits aren’t formed overnight, and you cannot expect your mindset to be able to change at the click of your fingers. You need to be patient, put in the work every day and in the end the results will come.  

What advice would you give to others about persevering towards their goals? 

If you want it enough, you won’t give up. For change to happen you have to push your comfort zone and consistently turn up. It’s easy to give the advice “don’t give up” but if that person’s motivations don’t come from within and are based on external motivators, when it gets hard, they will find it hard to find their WHY and reach their goal. Realign yourself on why you have these goals and build small steps to reach them.  

How do you keep motivated towards your long-term goals?

I remind myself WHY I set the goals and that I am capable of achieving them. You can think of the finish line but many of my goals are on-going. You can feel achievement throughout the journey, and I would also say it’s important to celebrate the small wins as well as the big ones.

What Innermost product(s) have you been loving recently?  

My all-time favourite is The Lean Protein in Vanilla, which I have religiously in my oats every day. But a product that I’m also reaching for is The Energy Booster. If you haven’t tried this… You need to. It does what it says on the packet, and it defo gives you that boost. 

Demelza, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you! Our final question is ... What’s your innermost desire that you’re hoping comes true this year? 

To be fit and healthy! I want to push myself on my running journey and work at building up the distance.

Thanks Demelza, that's a wrap! To keep up with Demelza, you can follow her fitness account here.

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