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What Is Valerian Root: It's Uses, Benefits And History

22nd September 2021

22nd September 2021

By Beth Shelper

Modern life requires us to be switched on pretty much all of the time.

Whilst it would be ideal to just switch off after work, relax and get a good night sleep, our various responsibilities, worries and chores can make it hard to kick back and relax, and even make it difficult getting a good night sleep.

Not only does this stop us from being rested and ready to take on the next day, an inability to switch off and get adequate rest can affect us in more ways than one.

As a result, ultimately, here at Innermost we are always on the lookout for effective and natural ways to relax, and that includes the discovery of ingredients such as Valerian root.

You may be thinking, what is Valerian root? What is Valerian root good for? How much Valerian root should I take?

Strap in. We’ve got all the details, Valerian root benefits and more. Let’s get right into it…

What is Valerian root?

Included in The Relax Capsules, Valerian root is the root of a herb that is native to areas across the world including some European countries, parts of Asia and some areas of Northern America.

The herb’s root is most commonly used to treat ailments such as sleep disorders including insomnia, but is often also used to combat the physical sensations and symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Health benefits of Valerian root

What is Valerian root good for? Well, it turns out the herb’s root packs some pretty impressive health benefits, and can help in the management of a range of ailments, including:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces headaches
  • Inhibits trembling
  • Reduces menstrual cramping
  • Assists in the reduction of pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Helps in the treatment of epilepsy

Valerian root for sleep

Whilst, as above, the valerian root has many health benefits, it’s main use is in the treatment of insomnia. It’s important to note that to gain the best results when it comes to taking Valerian root to improve sleep, that dosage is continued regularly and for at least four weeks.

Studies into the use of Valerian root for sleep

As a popular herbal medicine and alternative to prescribed sleep aids, an investigation published by Sage investigated sixty studies that analysed the effectiveness of Valerian root as a herbal remedy. The study found that there were no adverse side effects experienced by participants, and that there were improvements in participant sleep quality following a 600mg dose of Valerian root.

Recommended Valerian root dosage

When it comes to supplementations (especially those that can make you relaxed and sleepy), it’s important to follow the dosage instructions and take when instructed.

When it comes to supplementations that contain Valerian root, and Valerian root itself, it’s important to take these at night (just before bed) to ensure that you are not affected by the induced drowsiness of the root.

Whilst there is no set dosage, the general recommendation surrounding Valerian root states that users should take around 300mg-600mg per day. Many people ingest their daily intake through Valerian root tea, through supplementations such as The Relax Capsules, or through the root’s oils during aromatherapy. It’s important to note here that these natural oils should not be consumed orally, and make sure you are not exceeding this dose, to avoid a sort of ‘hangover effect’ the next morning.


So, if you’re looking for a natural alternative to sleeping or stress-busting medications, we highly recommend trying out Valerian root.

Remember to take into account (and follow) the recommended dosage and ingestion instructions, discuss with your doctor if you’re concerned or looking to make the natural-switch, and engage in mindfulness and adequate self-care tactics and strategies to ensure you’re looking after yourself. After all, a happy body is a happy mind, and that’s key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • Shinjyo, N., Waddell, G., & Green, J. (2020). Valerian root in treating sleep problems and associated disorders—A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of evidence-based integrative medicine, 25, 2515690X20967323. Click here.

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