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Our Sunday Reset Checklist: Here's How To Prep For The Week Ahead

8th December 2021

8th December 2021

By Beth Shelper

Ah, Sunday. Our favourite day of the week. One that is largely a day of freedom from work for many, which means only one thing: the ability to do anything we want. Well, pretty much anything. Detox included.

Looking for the ultimate Sunday rest checklist that will change your life? Bingo. Welcome. Prepare to Sunday reset harder than you’ve ever Sunday reset before.

What’s the point in a Sunday reset routine?

One of the best ways to relax (aside from The Relax Capsules, of course), for the ultimate Sunday routine, it’s all about finding balance. Refreshing and recharging ready for a new week is of vital importance and will definitely change how you see the week ahead, how rested you feel during the weekdays, and even how stressed you feel. Yes – really!

A Sunday routine is super important when it comes to staying organised, prepping for the week ahead and just having some good old fashioned me time. Whether your Sunday is your optimum me-time or your day to get everything done, we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas for your ultimate Sunday reset checklist to get you raring to go for another week.

Not only this, but on a Sunday, a good routine is also a great way to deter the dreaded Sunday Scaries. What are those, you say? Let us elaborate.

Noun: The Sunday Scaries.

Meaning: A non-scientific term that refers to the feeling of dread and anxiety that builds up throughout a Sunday, normally as a result of the thought of the long work week ahead.

Sounds like a good feeling to avoid, right? Double right.

How to prep for the week ahead

The perfect prep for the week ahead will vary from person-to-person, so don’t take this checklist as gospel (or, do so, if you wish). From general pampering to watering your plants or even backing your Mum’s famous chicken casserole, your Sunday prep is personal.

If you’re struggling to work out what would work well for your particular Sunday reset, or perhaps just need some good Sunday reset ideas, take a look at our favourite four ideas:

  • Sunday reset tip #1: make sure to meal prep

Meal prepping is all about saving yourself time (and getting in the cooking-relaxation zone). By prepping your lunches (and/or) dinners for the week, you’re freeing yourself up time in the evenings to relax, go out, catch up with friends – or even just chill on the sofa.

Not only this, you save money by batch cooking, too! It’s a win-win, and resets you good and proper for the week ahead.

If you’re not too sure how to meal prep, check out our guides and meal inspiration articles – we’ve got plenty. Some of our favourites include Here’s How To Meal Prep Like A Seasoned Pro, Our Five Favourite On The Go Lunches and Here’s How To Create 5 Easy And Healthy Snacks For Work.

  • Sunday reset tip #2: clean your living space

You know what they say – a tidy space is a tidy mind, so using your Sunday to clean (whether it’s a deep clean or a quick spruce-up) is a great way to set yourself up nicely for the week ahead and reset all the mess from a busy week before.

Some of our favourite (impactful) ways to clean up your space include:

  • Fold and put away your washing
  • Get rid of those dirty dishes
  • Dust, dust, dust
  • Make your bed
  • Sunday reset tip #3: organise your calendar

Got a deadline you need to meet this week? Got 5? You need to get organised, stat. Whether you want to fit in a drink with friends or even an evening to yourself, scheduling is key.

However you want to do this: using your phone calendar, a written diary or even your email calendar, just make sure that you are staying on top of your responsibilities. Writing everything down and getting things on paper is a great way to rid your mind of clutter, which helps to destress and reset, too.

  • Sunday reset tip #4: self-care is key

One great way to split up your weekend is one day for errands, and one day for yourself. Personally, we like to choose Sunday as a day for ourselves – Self Care Sunday, if you will.

Take a bath, light a candle, write a journal, watch your favourite movie, make your bed, have a lie in – the choice is yours.

If you need a help getting started, here are some of our must haves for your Self-Care Sunday:

Your Sunday reset must-haves:

  • A good chill out playlist
  • Your warm drink of choice
  • A heap of fresh ingredients
  • No obligations or social events (this day is for you, baby)
  • An early bed time
  • Your favourite cleaning supplies


However you spend your Sunday, getting yourself into a good Sunday reset routine is a great way to properly set yourself up for the week and relax. Whether you take some of our above advice or choose your own ways to relax and reset on a Sunday, we really recommend getting yourself a strategy. You’ll definitely feel better for it – we promise.

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