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The Lean Protein
Whey protein powder for weight-loss.
The Energy Booster
Pre/intra-workout powder with BCAAs.
The Glow Booster
Collagen supplement for skin.

Innermost Presents: Protein 101

When embarking on your fitness journey, you will undoubtedly have spotted recommendations to start getting more protein into your diet to up your workout game.

Perhaps the most popular workout supplement in the world, protein is famed for its natural ability to boost our energy levels and increase muscle mass (our muscles do naturally contain protein, after all).

So you've had a browse of the market, and a hundred proteins or more are claiming to be the one for you. What makes Innermost stand out?

At Innermost, we hand select only science-backed ingredients, which have been proven to do your body good. Combined synergistically, they work together to support you mentally and physically, helping you to reach your goals the easy way. Plus, we taste really, really god.

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Your Protein Fix, Without The BS

So we make products using great ingredients. But what makes the products *themselves* so great, is how they've been tailored to match your goals. We have four product categories: Muscle, Performance, Wellbeing and Weight-loss. Simply pick the one that most aligns to what you're looking to achieve, and you'll find a bunch of products that'll help you do it. We reject the looking great = feeling great mentality. Our protein blends prioritise ingredients that are going to make you feel healthy, strong, and energised. The rest will come naturally, after all.

You may be asking, why is protein so good for you, after all? The answer to that is simple. Protein is not just an essential nutrient, but one that carries a whole host of health and wellness benefits, too. From lowering your blood pressure, reducing hunger and cravings, improving bone health and more, to assisting in weight loss efforts and maximising muscle mass and strength, it’s clear that protein is a hugely important nutritional element.

Popular Sources of Protein

Whey Protein

Pea Protein

Brown Rice Protein


There’s something so satisfying about knowing something as self-contained as an egg has so many essential nutrients. Each egg has around 13g of protein, as well as a dose of healthy fats and plenty of important nutrients such as B vitamins and choline. Additionally, eggs have large amounts of leucine, an amino acid, which is important for gaining muscle. 


There’s a reason why all your gym buddies have fridges packed full of chicken breasts - they’re one of the best sources of high-quality protein around, they’re widely available and they’re quick and tasty to prepare. Each chicken breast contains around 26g of protein, as well as having the B vitamins B6 and niacin, both of which help your body function well during exercise. 

Greek Yoghurt

Dairy is an excellent source of protein thanks to it containing a mixture of slow-digesting casein protein and fast-digesting whey protein. Foods containing a mixture of fast and slow-digesting proteins can lead to an increase in lean mass, and Greek yogurt is one of the best sources out there as it has approximately double the protein of regular yogurt. Time to grab a spoon.

Beans & Lentils

A great vegan protein choice, there are almost too many varieties of bean to count. From black beans to pinto beans, kidney beans to butter beans, there’s a kind for every taste and type of cuisine. On average, a 170g serving of cooked beans contain 15g of protein, as well as being good sources of fibre, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.


Nuts in general are packed with protein and almonds are no exception. A 170g serving of almonds contains 16g of protein and high levels of vitamin E, phosphorus and magnesium. Phosphorus is important to consider when you’re working out as it helps your body to process carbs and fat during both exercise and rest. However, almonds have a high calorie content, which you should be aware of while consuming them. 

How Much Do I Need?

Calculating how much protein you need to build muscle through a proportion of what you eat is a flawed method, as the number you end up with will be dependent on your total calorie intake. Calculating how many grams of protein per day is more consistent when done according to weight, as you’ll be consuming the same amount regardless of your calorie count.

The absolute best way to determine how much protein to eat to gain muscle is to base the measurement off your lean body mass, or, everything in your body that isn’t fat. Calculating protein intake for a man who weighs 135g using the 2kg per kg rule states that he should be eating a colossal 270g of protein per day, which is neither necessary or realistic, especially taking into account that research shows little benefit to eating more than 2.2g of protein per kg of lean body mass.

Calculating how much protein you should eat according to lean body mass is more accurate. If a man weighs 90kg and has 20% body fat, their lean body mass is 72kg. Multiplied by 2.2, their daily protein target is 158g per day - a far more achievable goal

Which is right for me?


muscle gains.

The Strong Protein

Whey protein blend for muscle.
Containing whey protein, casein, creatine monohydrate, Montmorency cherries, bilberries and magnesium.

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It's more than just protein...

Protein won’t automatically give you muscles. We had to be smarter than that, so we added ingredients to this protein blend to help you push yourself harder, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery to help you get stronger, quicker. Formulated to maximise muscle growth, strength and power output. Get on the road to making gains.

Innermost is awarded The Game Changer Award. The sands are shifting in the supplements industry. One brand stands out most, Innermost. We now expect more from our supplement products and Innermost is well ahead of the curve.

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Boost athletic


The Fit Protein

Whey protein blend for performance.
Containing whey protein, cocomineral, maca, magnesium, rhodiola root and pink Himalayan sea salt.

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I feel drained all the time...

If you complain about lacking energy, you're not alone. This protein blend was developed for people who regularly push themselves further than most but don't want to let that compromise any other aspect of their lives. Formulated to rehydrate and restore energy, and support muscle growth and repair. Don't take on the world without it.

Awarded Best Protein in the Men's Health Sport Nutrition Awards. Recovery is half the battle when it comes to working towards body goals. That's why Innermost's blend spoons out more than just protein - dried coconut water to replenish electrolytes, rhodiola root to combat stress, and magnesium, a nutrient that supports muscle function. It's a Men's Health office favourite.

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Improve health

and immunity.

The Health Protein

Vegan protein blend for wellbeing.
Containing pea and brown rice protein, glutamine, shiitake, maitake, reishi, cordyceps, bilberries, camu camu and acai berries.

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Vegans can't get enough protein...

We wanted to create the best vegan protein on the market with a perfectly balanced amino acid profile and added ingredients to support the immune system, without sacrificing taste and texture. Everyone keeps telling us we nailed it. Formulated to boost your health, and keep you feeling strong. Get your glow up.

Not only vegan and thus more sustainable, but it combines traditional sports nutrition ingredients such as protein with nootropics and adaptogens. These are essentially herbal pharmaceuticals, which work to counteract the effects of stress in the body that are known to harm the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. It's also one of the few high-protein vegan protein powders that doesn't taste like sawdust.

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Support healthy


The Lean Protein

Whey protein blend for weight-loss.
Containing whey protein, inulin, acetyl L-carnitine, pomegranates, yerba mate and bilberries.

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Need some help getting leaner?

Our protein blends won’t make you bulky. This one was actually crafted to help you slim-down. We want to make it easier to reach your ideal weight so we packed it with ingredients to support fat metabolisation. Formulated to encourage healthy fat-loss, reduce cravings, and maintain energy levels. A smarter way to lean-up.

Nutrient heavy and evidence-based products, rather than pure fluff. The Lean Protein features inulin, a substance linked to lower levels of visceral fat (the killer kind...), along with high quality protein to aid muscle repair and recovery, yerba mate for energy, and pomegranate and bilberries for an antioxidant rush. Basically, a research based post-workout beverage of dreams.

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