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Three Perfect No Or Low Alcohol Cocktail Options For The Holiday Season

6th December 2022

6th December 2022

By Beth Shelper

Ah yes, ‘tis the season! The start of December means Christmas party season is upon us, the food and drink shopping for the big day begins, and excitement ramps up. Big time.

Whether you’re not a big alcohol drinker, avoid alcohol at all costs (hello, mocktails) or just want to ensure that you can pace yourself and drink all day (but not to in excess, of course), here’s the one-stop guide to our favourite three low alcohol cocktail options to see you through the party and Christmas season with ease (and style).

Not only are these the ideal low alcohol drink recipes to have under your belt this December, but with one of these delicious recipes, there’s a special Innermost twist. What is it, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. It’s pretty special.

Our Christmas treat from us to you.

The ultimate low alcohol cocktail guide

One of the key things to look for in a low alcohol cocktail is a flavour that packs a punch. The best way to make a cocktail easy to drink is to make it easily sippable… and how do you do that? Make it flavourful, of course.

From fruit to coffee and the floral flavours in between, without further ado, here’s our low alcohol drinks guide…

  1. The classic Espresso Martini

Calling coffee (and chocolate protein lovers) everywhere…

This is the perfect low alcohol drink for those of you that are looking for an energy boost, mid-Christmas party style.

You (or your bartender) will need some freshly brewed coffee, coffee liqueur (also optional, if you want a mocktail version), skimmed milk and condensed milk (if you’re lactose intolerant, this is probably one to avoid). You’ve been warned.

Low alcohol drink Espresso Martini recipe

You will need…

  • 30ml of freshly brewed espresso
  • 30ml of coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua)
  • 4 tablespoons of skimmed milk
  • 1 tablespoon of The Lean Protein (chocolate flavoured)
  • 2 tablespoons of sweetened, condensed milk

Place all of the measured ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice and shake, shake shake!

To serve, a classic martini glass is the go-to here, with a few coffee beans to garnish if you have them around. Enjoy!

  1. A gin and tonic alternative

If you want to enjoy the look and taste of a gin and tonic, but don’t want the alcohol content, this mocktail is the one for you.

This recipe looks, tastes and feels (yes, we're going with it) like a gin and tonic, so if you want to avoid FOMO at the office Christmas party without the hangover, (or maybe you just like the taste of a classic G&T), this recipe is for you.

You'll need your tonic water of choice, ice, lime and a non-alcoholic gin (trust us, it tastes just as good). 

Mocktail gin and tonic recipe

  • Fill your cup with ice 
  • Add a shot (or two) of non-alcoholic gin
  • Squeeze in some lime juice... one wedge will do
  • Top to finish with your tonic water of choice 
  • Stir, stir, stir
  • Add a slice of lime to garnish

... Voila!

  1. If you like Piña Coladas…

Due to their delicious flavour, it's pretty easy to make a Piña Colada low-alcohol... just take out the white rum. Your (lack of) hangover will thank you for it, anyway. 

You're going to need 120ml of pineapple juice, 60ml of coconut cream (or coconut water for a lighter version), 60ml of white grape juice and a garnish of choice... a slice of pineapple and a cheesy cocktail umbrella for us, please. 

 The perfect healthy Piña Colada recipe 

  • Grab a blender and mix all of your ingredients together (aside form the garnish, of course)
  • Sieve and pour the mixture into a cocktail glass and stir
  • Garnish

Yeah... it's that easy! You're good to go.


What are you waiting for? The parties have definitely already started…

If you try any of our low alcohol drink recipes this Christmas time, we absolutely want to know about it. Send us a picture over on Instagram at @liveinnermost and keep us updated with your cocktail parties.

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