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Innermost + 1Rebel

18th October 2017

18th October 2017

By Shivraj Bassi

It's official! Announcing our partnership with 1Rebel who've chosen us to be their nutritional supplement brand of choice. You’ll find all our superfood protein blends in their amazing post-grind shakes. Functional smoothies to take your recovery game to a whole another level. Time to crank things up a notch. We'll see you at the 1Rebel bar!


1Rebel is different. Ever since they burst onto the scene, GQ's aptly named King of Gyms has forged its own path. No false promises and no fixed costs. Just high-intensity group training sessions to get your blood pumping and your sweat flowing.  They offer three ways to play - Ride, Reshape and Rumble.

Ride:  Smash your way through a high energy 30 or 45 minute Ride session against a pioneering weekly set of themed rides by their Rockstar instructors. Ride is a full body workout incorporating hand weights, as well as immersive pyrotechnics.

Reshape: 45 minutes of physical and mental intensity that you never thought possible. This highly intensive group experience is designed to condition and re-sculpt selected muscle-groups. The patented 1R workout platform will help mould your body and break your barriers.

Rumble: Incorporating explosive speed, footwork, strength but most of all willpower. It’s the survival of the fittest in an immersive space filled with 45 minutes of sound and energy. Punch and move your way to become the complete boxer. It’s between you and your bag. A cardio boxing battle that’s no holds barred.

If you haven't taken up one of their badass classes with one of their badass trainers yet, there's no time like the present. Click here to find out what it means to be a part of the #rebelarmy and to get involved. We'll see you post-grind at the bar with a cold Innermost smoothie!

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