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Finding Focus And Keeping Control With Georgia Watkin

5th April 2023

5th April 2023

We sat down with Innermost Insider Georgia Watkin to discuss the importance of focus. How to find it, what it can unlock, and how to harness it to achieve your goals.

Hey Georgia! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I am Georgia, and I am currently in my second year as a full-time student at the University of Bath! I study Politics and International Relations, but that is a very small part of my Uni life (ha ha!). Away from studying, I love socialising and fitness.

I have always been a sporty person, playing hockey since I was 8, all the way through school. It was only just before lockdown that I discovered the gym and from then my love for fitness grew through home workouts in my back garden. Gyms reopened and I have loved training ever since.

I recently started Olympic Weightlifting and train with the Uni team – Team Chalk! Me and my housemate have also found our running legs (something I ALWAYS hated) and are hoping to sign onto a half marathon this year.

Instagram has been a positive space for ideas during my fitness journey. In Summer 2022, I was inspired by my best friend's fitness account to start my own page to share my love for fitness and more generally, a healthy lifestyle.

How did you become an Innermost Insider and what’s your goal as an ambassador for the brand?

I play hockey at Uni and one of my good friends has been doing a placement year in the marketing role at Innermost. She contacted me, asking if I would like to take the opportunity to become an Insider as a chance to work with a brand that aligns with what I love about fitness and help me with my journey and the growth of my Instagram page. I have loved being an Insider for the short period of time that I have been!

I think my main goal as an ambassador is to spread the joy that is Innermost with as many people as possible and to share the fab community that comes with that.

Our topic this month is Focus. What is something you have achieved through focus?

I always think focus is a tricky one. Trying not to sound too much like my mum... but, in a world where we have access to everything at the click of a button through our devices, I think focus is becoming harder to maintain. 

Having said that, it is so important. The first thing I can think of that I achieved through focus would be my A-level grades and making it to my top choice University.

I was the second year group to of had their A-levels affected by Covid, and the constant switching between in-person and online school was really disruptive and I found it hard to stay focused on my end goal during those two years.

However, I managed to find ways to adapt and stay set on reaching the end point that I wanted for myself. This focus was what allowed me to get through home-school, achieve my absolute best and come out the other side, now as a student at the Uni of Bath.

How do you go about focusing when everything around you is busy?

When I am busy, I catch myself often feeling really overwhelmed! I am one of these people who LOVES stationery – the planners, notebooks, pens that I don’t have aren’t worth having haha! This is my way of staying focused.

I write it all down – key dates, deadlines, social plans, bigger goals and aspirations – they are all down on paper. That way, if I can see it on the page, it becomes more manageable. This gives me clear direction and makes sure I stay focused on what I need to be doing. 

What do you consider to be important factors when trying to focus on something?

I think the most important factor is your mindset. If you are not in the right headspace to focus, it can feel near impossible.

That said, there are a few factors that I find contribute to my mindset.

  • The time of day is the most influential on my mindset. I am most focused and productive earlier, in the morning. So, I plan around this – tackling the bigger, important tasks at this time of day.
  • The environment I am in is a big one too. If it is too loud and too much going on – that can push me out of my focused mindset.
  • The structure of my ‘To Do List’ is the final one. I tend to break my big tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks that I can easily blitz through one at a time. If I just write down the whole task – I tend to feel like I have a mountain to climb and there goes my focused mindset.

I would also say that some days it’s just not meant to be. And that’s okay! We can’t all be 100% focused all the time, it would be exhausting. Recognising that on the days that you are extra tired can be just as hard as staying focused but is something that is really important to notice within yourself and to be kind to yourself at those times.

Why do you think it is important to have a focus on something in life?

Personally, having a focus on things in life, big or small, gives me a sense of direction. When I set my focus, I allow myself to get in the headspace to blitz whatever it is I am doing – I feel productive and like the things I am doing are taking me somewhere meaningful.

Are there any particular times you have struggled with focusing?

I definitely go through times of finding it really hard to focus on the gym, or with my training and nutrition. There are periods where I really hate the idea of stepping into the gym or can’t be bothered to cook properly and I don’t think that is uncommon?!

I always say though that a healthy lifestyle, the gym, nutrition is a long game and as long as you have created those habits in a maintainable way – you will always come back to them.

When I struggle with my focus, I just ask myself why, sus out what it is that is stopping me focusing and then make a plan to either re-set or give myself a break.

What are your key focuses for this year?

I am trying to focus on reducing my screen time and reading more before bed.

A big focus for me too is starting my placement year in London and making sure I do my best in my new role.

I have also set a big focus on my progress with Olympic Weightlifting.

Overall, I’d say I am most focused on doing things that make me happy – whatever that may be in the moment. My focus for 2023 has really been to make sure I am making choices that make me happy and serve me and my goals.

What Innermost product(s) have you been loving recently?

I am obsessed with The Digest Capsules. Who knew that such a small capsule would make such a difference. I would get bloated often after eating big meals, but not anymore. These gems really are the best and have helped me with my digestive health big time.

You also can’t go wrong with The Energy Booster pre-workout. It tastes delish and always helps give me a kick of energy that I need if I am struggling to get to the gym.

Who doesn’t love a good Shaker Bottle too! Love love love. So good for taking protein shakes up to Uni on a busy morning or making sure I stay hydrated.

Georgia, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you! Our final question is ... What’s your innermost desire that you’re hoping comes true this year?

I can’t wait to do more as an Insider – hopefully spreading the Innermost message, sharing the great products, and growing my small fitness community!

Thanks Georgia, that's a wrap! To keep up with Georgia, you can follow her on Instagram here.

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