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Want To Get A Bigger Bum? 6 Glute Exercises For A Super-Toned Butt

22nd February 2022

22nd February 2022

By Shivraj Bassi

If you want to impress when you wear yoga pants, you can’t miss glute exercises out of your exercise regime. Whatever the kind of peach you’re going for, it’s essential to include some glute-specific reps into your gym time. 

Wondering how to get a bigger bum? You're in the right place.

The best glute exercises to get a toned butt 

Glute exercises are also important for protecting your lower back against strain, which can be put at risk during exercises such as deadlifts and squats if that area isn’t sufficiently strong to carry the load. Plus, strengthening your glutes can also make you a stronger and faster runner, if that’s better motivation for you than the fact that bikini season is right around the corner. 

This rounded selection of glute exercises will help you build a more bodacious behind in no time at all. If you feel that working with just your own body weight is too easy, feel free to add an elevated surface, resistance bands or a set of dumbbells into the mix as well. Oh, and make sure you're adding The Strong Protein for the absolute best results, of course. 

Whatever you’re using, make sure to keep your technique tight during these exercises, or it’s likely that you won’t see the results you should do. Keep your belly button tucked towards your pelvis and tighten your core before setting off on your reps. 

Once you’ve finished your workout, an Innermost The Strong Protein shake will keep you on exactly the right path for an impressively strong behind. 

Bum exercise 1: Squats

You can’t have a list of exercises to get a great butt without including the squat. It’s a classic for a reason. It’s essential to make sure your technique is right for this one

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart with your hands at ease by your side. Push your hips back and sink down in a controlled way until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor, bringing your hands up to clasp in front of your chest.

Hold for a few seconds, then rise back to an upright position in a controlled manner. Repeat the movement 15-20 times, before resting for one minute. 

Toned butt exercise 2: Walking lunges 

Slightly more interesting than standard lunges, this exercise will see you putting your best foot forward. 

Start in a standing position with your feet together. With your right foot, step forwards and bend your knees to lower downwards into a lunge, until both of your legs are at 90 degree angles.

Pressing through your right heel, come back to standing then take a step forwards with your left leg and repeat the process. That sequence counts as one rep - do this 15-20 times before resting for one minute.

Bum exercise 3: Single leg deadlift

This yoga-esque move will have you needing to buy your next pair of jeans a size up from the one you usually take. Yoga movements are the basis of all great form, so it's a great exercise form to check out if you're looking to expand your horizons, by the way. 

Start by standing on your right leg, with your left leg extended slightly back behind your body. Keep your toe pointed and resting lightly on the floor while your left arm is extended straight down your side and your right arm rests on your hip. Making sure to engage your abs, lean forwards slowly while simultaneously lifting your left leg straight back behind your body.

Continue lowering yourself until both your leg and your torso are parallel to the floor, then raise yourself back to standing. Repeat 15-20 times before switching to the other leg. 

Toned butt exercise 4: Bird dog

It might have an inscrutable name, but this exercise really gets the job done. Engage your core to keep yourself steady while in this unstable position. 

Form a tabletop position on the floor, with knees straight under your hips and wrists under your shoulders. In a controlled manner, raise your right arm straight out in front of you, while at the same time raising your left leg behind you. Hold briefly, then bring the same limbs beneath your torso so that your right elbow and left knee touch. Extend out once more before returning to the starting position. Repeat the same rep 15-20 times on each side before switching to the opposite arm and leg. 

Bum exercise 5: Glute bridge

Glute bridges strengthen not only your butt but also your abs, making it a two-for-one exercise. 

Begin by lying on the floor with your knees bent up in front of you, with your arms resting by your sides on the floor. Press your heels into the ground and, engaging your core strongly, lift your backside upwards and squeeze your hips and glutes towards the ceiling. Keep your upper back on the ground and avoid squeezing your chin and chest together. Perform 15-20 of these reps before resting for one minute. 

Toned butt exercise 6: Side-lying clam

This slightly less common exercise is great for strengthening your inner thighs as well as your glutes.

Lie on your side on the floor, with your feet and knees stacked on top of each other at a 90 degree angle. With one hand on your glutes, rotate your hip open until your knee points towards the ceiling. Pause for a second, then bring the same leg back down in a controlled way. It might help to imagine your legs looking like a clamshell opening. Repeat 15-20 times before switching to the other side. 

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