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These Are The Best Free Workouts On The Internet Right Now

23rd January 2023

23rd January 2023

By Vikki Rich

It’s safe to say that with increased working from home and the cost-of-living crisis, people don’t necessarily want to be spending money on a gym membership. However, thanks to the wonderful world wide web, we have access to thousands of free workouts that we can enjoy from the comfort of our own homes. So, if doing the perfect squat with an audience isn’t your thing, and you want to get fit on a budget, you going to want to read on. We have put together the best free workouts you can do at home, so you can get fit, healthy and feel good from your own four walls!

Free workout apps

We don’t like to assume, but everyone has a smartphone, right? So that means we all have access to the wonders of the app world. There are plenty of free apps out there for us to try and love (hopefully). The first of our favourites is the Nike Training Club, this app gives you access to over 200 free workouts including training programmes that are targeted, and yoga sessions. There’s something for everyone. This app gives you everything from workout videos, to live sessions and a whole community of like-minded home work-outers!

If you’re into online communities, then this next one is for you. Strava is the largest sports community in the world. And you have access to it on your phone. The Strava app allows you to record over 30 activities to measure your progress, explore and connect. Allowing you to set records and motivate you to stay consistent and get moving! It’s a fantastic way to measure your progress and keep up with the good work.

Another great fitness app is “FitOn”. With unlimited access to workouts from celebrity trainers. So, if you have a favourite fitness celebrity, you can keep up with their workouts. It’s not just all about the cardio workouts though, you can access meditation videos too. So, you can work out or meditate from anywhere in the world, with no equipment required! No excuses allowed stick on that home workout playlist and you’re good to go!

Free workout plans

Okay, so the start of the year or even the month can be motivating. The idea of starting fresh and keeping fit may be appealing, but it’s easy to fall out of routine. If you don’t have a PT then it’s even easier to find excuses not to workout. With a free workout plan, you have the commitment of a workout routine to keep you going, but without the added cost.

This is why we love Muscle And Strength. A database full of workout routines for you to download for free. You can choose from many different categories to best suit your needs. For example, there are specific workouts for men and women, full body, sports performance, beginner, and celebrity workouts, just to name a few! You certainly are spoilt for choice. There are times plans so you can keep to a routine and focus staying on track. Choose from 30 days, 10 weeks and 12 weeks.

Netflix workouts

Yes, you heard us right, Netflix now has free workouts for you to try out. From the 30th of December, the Nike training club has been available to everyone with a Netflix subscription. So, if you’ve already got one it’s available at no extra cost! There are multiple series for you to watch ranging from the basics, 10, 20, and, 30-minute workouts for those of you wanting a quick fix. As well as a “two weeks to a stronger core” series with 7 episodes. We can now ask Netflix and chill to move over and make room for Netflix and gym!

YouTube videos

Our trusty platform YouTube is the second most visited search engine on the web for a reason. It’s filled with everything from influencer vlogs to what we’re after, home workout videos. If there’s something specific you want, you can search the details on YouTube and you see an array of different videos for you to choose from.

If you have a certain celeb in mind, for example, you may have heard of Joe Wicks. Well, YouTube isn’t short of its content for you to enjoy. Covid-19 brought his workout videos to light with many people wanting to keep fit in lockdown. They were a hit and still are, with over 2.82 million subscribers Joe Wicks is certainly a family favourite. You can find all his videos on The Body Coach TV channel.

If you were after something a little more “mind and soul”, yoga with Adrienne has a fantastic free 30-day yoga journey called “Center” on her YouTube channel. It focuses on the connection between your brain, body soul and heart. So not only does it let you practice your yoga but also the psychology behind it. Every day for 30 days you receive an email to check in on you, and your yoga journey. This 30-day journey is an exercise for your body and your mental health, plus, her dog Angie features too, win-win!

You should now have a good selection of home workouts to get stuck into, don’t forget there are many ways to keep fit. If you want to support your energy in your workouts why not try our Fit Protein powder to help boost the energy you may be lacking? It’s wonderfully vegan and packed with active ingredients that support muscle repair and recovery and boosts not only your energy but your vitality too.

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