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Innermost + Digme Fitness

3rd February 2017

3rd February 2017

By Shivraj Bassi

We're proud to announce our partnership with Digme Fitness! We've been working with the team at Digme over the past few months to ensure their clients are fuelled properly with amazing nutrition post-workout. They've now decided to stock our full range of superfood protein blends and use them in their delicious post-workout smoothies.

What they said

"We are really delighted with our partnership with Innermost. We looked at lots of potential options when selecting the right partner. Innermost's quality products, intuitive range and flexible approach simply set them apart." - Digme Fitness

Digme Fitness

Digme have several luxury boutique studios around the UK - Richmond, Oxford, Moorgate and Blackfriars with more to come. They all offer amazing state-of-the-art spinning and HITT classes topped off with a mean soundtrack. You'll have access to complimentary cycling shoes for their Ride classes, and towels if you use their luxury showers. You'll even find Dyson hairdryers and GHD straighteners in the changing rooms. They offer the following two classes:

RIDE: Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced cyclists, Ride classes feature amazing audio and lighting, and a sophisticated data system lets you to track your progress on a virtual road. After each session, you'll receive a summary of your performance. 

MATRIX: If you want something different, Digme's HIIT programme, MATRIX, is worth a look. Based on three fundamental principles - running, conditioning and movement - the classes incorporate Technogym's brilliant SkillMill, kettlebells, plyoboxes and TRXs.

The best bit? They're credits-based, so no contracts and you only pay for the classes you attend - just book online, turn up, get involved and be sure to ask the Digme team how Innermost can help support your goals.

Click here to visit Digme Fitness website before you drop by and make sure you tell them we sent you.

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