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How Do Massage Guns Work? We've Got The Facts

17th June 2022

17th June 2022

By Innermost

Booking a massage can be daunting to a first timer. It can be quite difficult to relax when you’ve never put your trust in a stranger this way before, especially if you’re booking to treat a painful injury. That’s why, when professional massage guns started cropping up on the market a few years ago, it was almost like a breath of relief to some individuals who rely on fast and efficient massages in order to train to the best of their abilities on a regular basis.

But some were sceptical of the skill of a massage gun. Many sporty individuals found themselves pondering about whether massage guns are worth it. After all, some massage guns retail at some pretty high price points, enough to make you pull a face and consider sticking to your regular recovery routine. But we’re here to give you the facts about massage gun benefits, so you can decide for yourself if they are worth their hype.

What Do Massage Guns Do?

Massage guns are essentially high-speed devices that reach deep areas of muscle, in order to speed up recovery and prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and no one likes having to power on through a workout a few days after their last one with sore muscles! Rest and recovery after a workout is essential but often forgotten about. If you’re familiar with foam rolling your muscles for hours on end, trying to prevent or speed up injury healing, you’ll be pleased to hear that massage guns are the easier way to get the same end result.

You can even step your recovery up a notch by taking recovery capsules or a post-workout protein, giving you even less inflammation and better regulated hormone activity.

When Should You Use One?

The best time to use to use a massage gun for an effective recovery session is post-workout, but essentially you can use your device whenever and wherever you want to soothe sore muscles or simply relax!

In fact, we would argue that even the most spontaneous of massages with massage guns can be relaxation-inducing. Meaning that post-workout isn’t the only time that you will reap the benefits from your purchase!

How Do I Use a Massage Gun?

You really don’t have to be a professional physio to be able to use a massage gun to a high standard! In fact, we personally think that using a massage is pretty idiot proof, especially thanks to help from apps that come with certain models such as the Theragun! Their handy Therabody App allows you to link your massage gun with your smart phone, giving you personalised and real time guidance into your recovery session. We know, so clever!

In case you haven’t seen one of these miracle massage guns in action, here is how we suggest using one, step by step:

  • Choose the right attachment for the area you are trying to treat (depending on the options you receive with the device you choose) If you are working to recover your back after an intense back day for example, you are best using an attachment with a largest surface area. However, if it is an area such as your triceps that you are looking to recover, you are better to use an attachment with a smaller surface area.
  • Start slow and start working the gun over the affected muscle, slowly increasing the speed until you feel you have hit a speed that feels the most comfortable.
  • Repeat the process of working the massage gun over the area you are recovering until you are satisfied with the result and Hey Presto!

So, Are Massage Guns Worth It?

Well, this is a broad question that depends on who’s asking! The short answer, in our opinion, would be absolutely they are! But this all depends on how much you are willing to spend and how frequently you exercise. We recommend the following massage guns for those who are on a slightly lower budget:

  • RENPHO Massage Gun: £99.99 – This massage gun packs a punch when it comes to delivering results, plus for that price you really can’t go wrong! It comes with 6 different massage heads and 4 speeds, allowing you to delve deep into specific muscle groups!
  • Hypervolt Go: £129.00 – This device may be small, but it is mighty in its power! The compact design allows you to take the device anywhere with you with ease, so you can even bring it to the gym! The device is quieter than most, meaning you can carry on a conversation while using it. It’s a win-win really!
  • HoMedics Physio Massage Gun: £129.99 – This is a great value Massage Gun for the quality. It comes with three different massage heads and a lightweight design, making it super easy to use. There are also three different intensity levels to choose from!

If you’re someone who is prepared to pay an extra amount for a top-quality massager, here are some massage guns that we would recommend, all with dreamy quality to give you the best recovery possible:

  • Pulseroll Massage Gun: £224.99 – This professional-standard massage gun is great for those who are serious about their performance in sport! The gun has six different massage head attachments and promises the highest levels of percussion massage to help you recover and achieve your goals!
  • HoMedics Pro Phsyio Massage Gun: £299.99 – This top of the range massage gun may be a big investment, but oh boy is it worth it! It’s ultra-light weight with innovative hot or cold massage head options. Using this bad boy, along with supplements like Recovery Capsules, is sure to make your post-workout recovery the best it can be!

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