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Zoe Woodward

Zoe Woodward / Q&A

After 15 years in the corporate rat race, Zoe Woodward aka Aloha and Coffee, left her professional career in business development to pursue her passion for yoga, wellbeing and healthy living. Now working as a qualified nutritionist, life and business coach, yoga instructor and world traveller, Zoe has turned her passions into a new business and preferred way of life. We recently caught up with Zoe to find out more about the power woman behind the Aloha and Coffee name.

“I’ve always been active and loved fitness. I got into yoga just after the birth of my last baby as a way to manage my anxiety and it just spiralled from there.  Yoga has allowed me to be more mindful and also more tolerant. Taking time to just breathe and be present has changed my perspective on everything.” – Zoe

Q1: What’s your hustle?

I’m a yoga teacher, content creator and director of a branding and communications company in a nut shell. I’m also a mom of 4 so I have my work cut out!

Q2: What does #liveinnermost mean to you?

It means to live your life as you, authentically and without apology.

Q3: Favourite Innermost Blend and Booster, and why?

Favourite blend –

The Health One. I usually stick to vegan protein as I find sometimes whey can cause me to bloat when I mix it with other ingredients. I love that the blend mixes well and tastes great.  

The Health One

Favourite booster –

 The Health Plus. Because it doesn’t taste like grass!

The Health Plus

Q4: Usual breakfast?

A HUGE smoothie!

Q5: Your last workout?

CrossFit. I started this week and I’ve done 2 classes so far and I love it! I’m a regular in the gym, a runner and course love yoga but I needed something new to challenge me both mentally and physically so I thought I’d try CrossFit.

Q6:Favourite inspirational quote/words

“Everything will be ok in the end, if it’s not ok its not the end” I had it tattooed on my neck during a really tough time in my life and I still live by it now.

Q7: Where’s your good place (location)?

Bali- I’ve visited 3 times in the past year and it’s magical. It makes me feel calm and relaxed and inspired all at the same time. I’d love to move there.

Q8: Current fitness goal?

Strict pull ups. At the moment they seem so far away but I’m determined!

Q9: Best advice you’ve ever received?

Find something you love and find a way to make money from it and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Q10: Book currently on your bedside table?

The Alchemist. I’m reading it for the second time because it inspired me so much the first.

Q11: Best vacation ever?

Getting married in Hawaii! It was magical.

Q12: Number one reason for taking care of your body?

Because you only get one! I spent way too long abusing it so now I’m making up for it. It took me a long time to be able to tune into myself and understand what I needed but finally i’m there.

 Q13: What would we be surprised to find in your fridge?

Face creams and a jade roller for my face. It’s so much more refreshing when it’s cold.

To see and hear more from Zoe, head to her Instagram page (@alohaandcoffee).