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  • Effective research-backed ingredients
  • Approved by nutritionists
  • GMO-free, no artificial colours or flavours

What’s the difference between Innermost Blends and Boosters?

Innermost makes product for the following specific goals – Strong, Fit, Health and Lean. For each of those goals, we make two types of products – superfood protein blends and nutritional boosters.

Our superfood protein blends are protein powders that also contain functional ingredients such as superfoods and sirtfoods that are targeted towards the specific goal you’re looking to achieve.

The Strong One (Blend No.1) developed to Nourish + Strengthen.
The Fit One (Blend No.2) developed to Nourish + Replenish.
The Health One (Blend No.3) developed to Nourish + Defend.
The Lean One (Blend No.4) developed to Nourish + Tone.

Our nutritional boosters can be used on their own or alongside our blends. Each booster works differently and helps achieive different goals in their own unique ways:

The Strong Plus (Boosted No.1) are dietary capsules developed to Strengthen + Enhance.
The Fit Plus (Booster No.2) is a pre/inta-workout powder developed to Replenish + Energise.
The Health Plus (Booster No.3) is a superfood powder/tea developed to Defend + Detox.
The Lean Plus (Booster No.4) are dietary capsules developed to Tone + Define.

You can mix and match different blends and boosters or use ones from the same category. Find out more on our What We Make page.