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  • Effective research-backed ingredients
  • Approved by nutritionists
  • GMO-free, no artificial colours or flavours

What are the best products to take to lose fat?

We recommend The Lean One (Blend No.4) and The Lean Plus (Booster No.4). These products were developed to naturally break-down fat, metabolise it as a source of energy and encourage calorie-burn while supporting muscle development and optimal functioning of hair, skin and nails. Both products are available in The Lean Collection.

The Lean One: Our superfood protein blend developed to nourish and tone. Contains whey protein (isolate and concentrate), inulin (fat loss), acetyl l-carnitine (metabolism and energy), pomegranate (antioxidant and weight control), yerba mate (metabolism and fat-loss)and  bilberries (antioxidant).

The Lean Plus: Our dietary booster capsules developed to tone and define. Contains matcha green tea (fat-loss), yerba mate (suppress fat absorption), alpha lipoic acid (energy), caffeine (energy and fat oxidation), capsicum (metabolism and fat-loss), l-theanine (immunity and mood) and vitamins C, B6, B12.