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Nik Naidoo

Nik Naidoo / Q&A

Nik graduated with a degree in Philosophy and went straight into the 9-5 pursuing a career in Sports Marketing. However, it didn’t take him too long to realise his real calling. After a rollercoaster few years, he’s now a Trainer at Ministry Does Fitness and coaches at two CrossFit Boxes. While relatively new to the game,  Nik is an example of someone who’s come through adversity and turned his biggest hobby into a career. We sat down with him to find out more. Over to you Nik.

“I first got into health and fitness properly after University when I needed direction to keep me going as a young professional. I had a lot of focus and drive from playing competitive sports when I was younger and needed something more than just an hour of going to the gym to keep me aligned. I see health and fitness as a complete lifestyle and it’s benefitted me in that it pretty much shapes everything I do and what kind of person I am today. I believe there is such a big parallel between health, fitness, mind, body, and life. It’s all about the long game, consistency, and finding what works for you on your own personal journey. It’s such an empowering tool to shape us into becoming better people.” – Nik

Q1: Favourite Innermost Blend and Booster, and why?

Blend: The Fit One (Blend No.2) is great for the type of training I do. It has a good serving of protein but also quality ingredients to support rehydration and fatigue.
Booster: The Fit Plus (Booster No.2) is perfect for when I need that boost before a session. But I also take it throughout the day at times to help with my energy levels and alertness.

Both products are available from our Online Shop.

The Fit One        The Fit Plus

Q2: What’s your hustle?

I’m currently a Trainer at Ministry Does Fitness and a CrossFit Coach. CrossFit is my bread and butter and is something I’m constantly learning from. But I also love the emotional elements of what boutique fitness offers today – it’s a complete experience, music, lights, and you on the mic. The two allow me to get the best out of my career, allowing me to (hopefully) become an expert in a major discipline of fitness, whilst being able to put on a show…!

Q3: What does #liveinnermost mean to you?

It’s not just what you do but why you do it. I think that is so important today. We need to be accountable, which can be achieved by taking the time to understand ourselves, being aware of our surroundings and personal philosophies, to help us grow.

Q4: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

For me it’s much more than exercise but also a complete lifestyle choice. Good food, sleep and supplementation but also keeping stress down and surrounding myself with the right people. Health is not just for the body, but the mind too!

Q5: Usual breakfast?

3 eggs, bacon and avocado, a green shake with a scoop of Innermost protein and then a cup of coffee of course. I’m following a nutrition plan at the moment so meals are pretty much set in stone.

Q6: Biggest health vice?

I have the biggest sweet tooth so anything chocolate and I am sold!

Q7: Your last workout?

A big weightlifting session involving snatches and squats. I love anything cardio/engine based but have to keep the balance with strength training, otherwise I’ll left behind, especially in CrossFit!

Q8: What’s on your bucket list?

My mum is a yoga teacher and I would also love to do my teacher training one day. I love practising whenever I can, and watching her grow as a person from it is all the inspiration I need to do it too.

Q9: Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Be bold!

Being a major face of the fitness industry. Is that bold enough?!

Q10: Favourite healthy meal?

Depends on what you classify as ‘healthy’?! Right now I’m loving tuna pasta. It’s so quick to make and has all the nutrition I need from my type of training – a good balance of carbs and protein, which are key post workout. I often make a side of veggies too to fill me up a little more.

Q11: Most physically challenging thing you’ve done?

24 hour CrossFit challenge. A workout every hour on the hour for 24 hours. It got dark!

Q12: What or who motivates you?

My girlfriend Izy is also a trainer and we have kickstarted our careers at the exact same time. She is my biggest motivation and has been so important for my development.

Q13: Best advice you’ve ever received?

Say yes until you need to say no (from Izy!)

Q14: Message to the world (in 140 characters or less)

You’ve got to own it, believe it and do it. If you can’t back yourself, no one else will!

Q15: Favourite place to eat?

I love Lebanese food having lived in Dubai during my childhood. So you can’t beat Maroush!

See Nik kicking it on Instagram (@niknaidoo) and his very own blog (www.niknaidoo.com). He’s also put together a bumping selection of tunes to get your next sweat on to. Listen to them here.