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nicky clinch cooks for innermost

Nicky Clinch / Q&A

Nicky was born and raised in Hong Kong surrounded by amazing smells, colours, exotic tastes and people, wet markets, fresh food and ancient Chinese wisdom. Today she works as a Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Life Counsellor, Chef and Teacher. She is also mother to a beautiful (and strong) little girl. She sat down with Innermost to explain what she does to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and admitted that she does still have a few vices).

Q1: Favourite Innermost Blend & Booster?

Blend: The Health One (Blend No.3). Vegan, Lactose Free and full of Japanese Mushrooms which are amazing for strengthening and rebalancing our adrenals and kidneys plus great for detoxing stagnant energy from the body.
Booster: The Health Plus (Booster No.1). An amazing mixture of healthy ingredients that work together to provide a healthy boost to your body.

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The Health One        The Health Plus

Q2: What’s your hustle?

To facilitate others in having empowered relationships with food, their health and themselves so they can feel free, authentic and at home in themselves. I teach this in my 6 week transformational course “Transform Your Diet, Transform Your Life” plus through giving consultations and speaking and writing.

Q3: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I follow a predominantly plant-based diet and try to make home-cooked meals at least 5 times a week.  But I also make room for freedom and flexibility as I don’t believe doing anything rigidly works. I try to move my body for at least 20min each day – from dancing to stretching to walking in nature. Since becoming a mother it really is the small simple acts of self-care daily that make all the difference to how nourished I feel in my life. Regular 10 minute meditations, journaling before baby wakes in the morning, having fun, making time for myself.

Q4: What does #liveinnermost mean to you?

What I love about Innermost is that your values are very much about how you feel from the inside out rather than what you look like from the outside in which I believe in the utmost.

Q5: Usual breakfast?

My breakfasts can change a lot each day as I prefer to listen to what I really feel like and eat that.  I very rarely feel ready for breakfast before 10am. When I first wake I’ll have a hot water and lemon and then I’ll have something to eat at 10ish – I’ll have anything from sugar-free granola with almond milk or maybe some left-over veggies and rice or maybe a green juice and avocado on toast.

Q6: Biggest health vice?

I’ll enjoy a glass of red wine occasionally with my husband or friends or occasionally on a Friday night we will take our daughter out for fish ‘n chips which we all love.

Q7: Your last workout?

I did a good yoga and stretching session on my mat last night!

Q8: What’s on your bucket list?

To move my family out to NZ, buy land in a beautiful sea side town of Raglan and build our ‘forever home’ and a wholefood cooking school and workshop center my husband and I can teach at. For my husband and I to put all ‘responsible stuff’ on hold for a year and take our children travelling round the world. Finally, to spend a week on a tropical island somewhere and be totally and fully pampered, and waited on hand and food where NOBODY needs me or wants anything from me! Bliss!

Q9: Favourite inspirational quote/words?

“You as much as anyone else deserves your love and attention” – Buddha

Q10: Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Be bold!

Continuing what I’m doing now but teaching on a much larger scale both here in the UK and globally.  I also want to create a form of my 6 week course that can be taught and available to everyone all over the world. Somewhere in there I’d love to have another baby too!

Nikcy has prepared one of her warming recipes for Innermost that you can view by clicking here, which will take you to the Eat section of our Blog. To see even more of Nicky’s recipes or to sign-up to any of her amazing courses, visit her website (www.nickyclinch.com) or her Instagram profile (@nicky_clinch).