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Health & Fitness

Innermost + Health & Fitness

Really pleased to make it into the pages of this month’s Health & Fitness. We were the first brand listed in their “Lean and Clean” review of the best protein powders around.

In particular, they highlighted The Health One (Blend No.3) – our vegan superfood protein blend. It contains pea and brown rice protein, glutamine, shiitake, maitake, reishi, cordyceps, bilberries, camu camu and acai berries. Ideal for those looking to detox, immune system support and getting some high quality protein into their bodies. Step 1: Flush the bad. Step 2: Replace with good. Step 3: Feel the glow.

The Health One

Key Quote

“A combination of brown rice and pea protein give you a full complement of amino acids. With 31g of protein per serving, it also contains bilberries, shiitake and acai, with immune-enhancing and antioxidant benefits, and rainforest shrub camu camu – a natural source of vitamin C.”

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