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Adam Husler

Innermost Ambassador: Adam Husler

Innermost ambassador, Adam Husler, is a leading London-based yoga teacher who also hosts international events and workshops. He’s supported Innermost since way back when, and is a huge supporter of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We sat down to find out what makes him tick and what drew him to Innermost.

“My workouts used to consist of boxing, lifting and running; all of which led to muscle imbalances, aches and pains. Fixing this was the reason I decided to get into yoga. It didn’t take long for my body to respond, leaving me feeling stronger and more flexible than I’d felt in years. There were unexpected benefits too, namely the sense of calm and perspective it gave me. It also encouraged me to be more careful about my nutrition and understand its role in my overall well-being. I’d recommend everyone try yoga. I’m confident that if you give it a chance, it won’t be long before you’re recommending it to others just as I am to you.”

Q1: Favourite Innermost Blend & Booster?

Blend: The Health One (Blend No.3) post-workout. It’s vegan, lactose free, and contains Japanese mushrooms and dark berries full of antioxidants.
Booster: The Health Plus (Booster No.3) mixed with hot water or blended into a smoothie. Amazing combination of ingredients for a natural detox.

Both products are available from our Online Shop. Chose your location using the dropdown in top left corner of your screen.

The Health One        The Health Plus

Q2: What’s your hustle?

Facilitating others in a journey of self-enquiry, via teaching anatomically focused, non-dogmatic yoga classes that feature controlled movement, mindfulness and mobility; strength and flexibility combined. If that can take me to lots of countries and cool places on the way; win, win!

Q3: Why Innermost?

I’ve probably spent thousands of pounds on supplements over the years and had issues over confusing jargon, taste, what’s actually in them and whether they are entirely good for me. Innermost’s innovative range cuts through the rubbish and provides well researched ingredients, obvious labelling and products that mean my kitchen cupboard becomes more streamlined. The team behind the brand are incredibly passionate about what they do and I firmly appreciate them behind me in a quest to focus on true health rather than solely on body image.

Q3: What does #liveinnermost mean to you?

Developing a balanced lifestyle where I can thrive at work, play a lot, keep integrity in my values and to treat my body, as Baz Lurhmann would say, as “the greatest instrument I’ll ever own”, by putting only the best stuff inside it.

Q4: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

My big weights, long runs and boxing days are part of history now, so beyond my yoga practice, healthy living come from putting good stuff in my body and trying to take on London with my single speed daily. After breaking my foot in Jan 2017 and currently on the recovery road, I’m now itching to play in the gym a little more again though.

Q5: Best health/fitness advice you’ve been given?

Focus on performance more than you focus on how good you look in the gym mirror. I don’t have the 8 pack anymore but can utilise the core so much more!

Q6: Usual breakfast?

I have two. Pre early morning class I’ll get some fruit, nuts and coffee in me. Then I rush home for something that contains some combination of eggs, avocado, spinach and good bread… and maybe a little macchiato.

Q7: Biggest health vice?

Red wine. A good bottle of red is life’s nectar…!

Q8: Your last workout?

My last good workout featured some bodyweight shoulder strengthening and stabilising drills to create a strong foundation for my arm balances and inversions. One the sweat was dripping, I did exactly the opposite and loosened up those same muscles. Flexibility combined with strength is the aim!

Q9: Three things on your bucket list?

At some point I need to lock myself in a cabin for a month, somewhere cold and remote, with a crate of good books. Doing the same in a Zen Temple would be nice to add to the list too, which would be similar, but with less fiction. Finally, I’ve walked 800km once, but would love to head on a walk over 1500km… maybe to the temple or the cabin!

Q10: Perfect way to relax?

Give me a book and some wine, in a place with no Wifi or 3G, and you’ll find a very chilled man.

Q11: Favourite inspirational quote/words?

“In the depth of winter, there lays within me an invincible summer” – Albert Camus.

Q12: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? Be bold!

Doing what I’m doing now, but teaching more people globally!

Q13: Favourite city and why?

There#s a reason I live in London; its an opportunity filled cosmopolitan city with a drive to succeed where each day you have the chance to interact with people and cultures from across the world. I can’t imagine ever being bored of London; though I’m sure my bed will gradually head away from the city centre as years go by. Second to London would be calm, organised, dog-filled Vienna.

You keep up with Adam on Instagram (@adamhusler), Facebook (Adam Husler Yoga) and Twitter (@adamhusler). And you can click here to listen to the songs that made the cut for Adam’s workout playlist.

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